Mahomes Out - Thursday Night Game

Mahomes out of the game.

Guessing he’s gonna miss some time, and of course their next 2 games are against Green Bay and Minnesota.

Green Bay has played 5 of their first 7 games at Lambeau, and now they get to go on the road to play the Chiefs and will most likely have to face Matt Moore led Chief’s team.


On other news

Flacco sux

But yes of coarse Green Bay and Minnesota bookcase the Chiefs without Mahomes

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He did end up walking to the locker room not being carted off so hopefully he can come back and play soon

That latest report sounded worse for Mahomes


He’s usually spot on. Chiefs will trade for a QB. Maybe Eli Manning or Dalton

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They’ll have to trade for one at this point. Moore is all they have now, with Mahomes out and Henne already injured.

If I’m the Chiefs I would trade for Eli. He will take Brady out in the playoffs like usual.

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Oh, shit. You could see them pop his kneecap back in place on that replay.

Crap. I would have liked to have been up against Matt Moore rather than Mahomes on 4th and 8.

No penalties called on the play?

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I sure hope the Chiefs defense keeps playing like this the next two weeks. Flacco Running for his life back there

And the scrub QB for KC has been pretty good

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Yikes. This is why the Lions dont trade 1st round picks.

Extra easy wins for GB and MIN are slamming the door on playoffs for the Lions.

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Wow! That’s a made in Hollywood script.
The Lions are still cursed. By who?

I think Matt can pull it off. Andy Reid is one of the tougher coaches to face when he’s got extra time to prepare. He’ll have tons of wrinkles ready for the Packers, and they won’t know much about gameplanning for a Matt Moore led Chiefs team. Plus the game is in KC.

I’d say if I were going to face the Chiefs and Matt Moore was the QB, that would be the worst game to face him in.

I would be shocked if that happened. Eli doesn’t fit what Andy Reid likes to do on offense.

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Word is …Kap

Eli makes zero sense for a multitude of reasons. One of which is that Moore is a better QB than Eli at this point in time.

I think Moore will hold the fort until PM comes back, probably within a month or so. MRI today but it doesn’t look like a season-ending injury. Timing sucks for the Lions of course. But it really doesn’t look like KC’s year after all, and that tailspin started in Detroit FWIW.


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