Make our strengths stronger?

At least I think our offense is the strength ( still iffy about Stafford’s health).

Fill the D need early. 1st and 2nd round. Then ( hopefully ) with trade downs we can get RB, Guard, WR. 5 picks… Then go the rest with D and a punter to boot…
I am going to try it on the simulator and see if I can be a better GM than BQ.


good post ! yeah I hope to see our defense be NO worse than 20th in 2020. hoping for more like 18th/15th. might be asking too much.

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Wr we could grab later in this draft. If we trade with Dolphins and grab Okudah anyway get like a taylor swift early… Then from there whatever… 2 starters one on D and one on O. Then find your Guard and get the D for the rest…???

QB is the only strength I see on this roster. (go easy on me)

The rest of the roster can be improved at almost any position. Just draft good players that fit your system. Sort out the 53 during training camp.

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The fact that we play at least 9 games in a dome each year and the league favors passing I could see adding a WR, RB and OL. Trade down get #5 and #18 or #26 from Miami. Take an OT at #5 move Big V to guard for this year (or vise -versa). Take WR at 18 or 26 (Ruggs, Jefferson) then get RB at #35 (Dobbins, Taylor). Try to outscore everyone and keep their offense off the field.

With numbers 67, 85, 109, 149, 166 all defense #182 a punter (hopefully he is not needed) pick 235 Juan Johnson WR. biggest hands, biggest wingspan and longest arms of all the WR at the combine. second heaviest and 5th in height. Teach him some basketball positioning and a mismatch in the RED ZONE.

This would take balls that Quinn doesn’t have. Risky but it would be fun to watch. weather in Tampa would be ok on Feb 7th for our offense too!

Exactly!! Get Logan Ryan then:

D Brown DT 5th
CB in round 2…

Go 3 Offense and maybe a DT or two.

I’m not sure how much Taylor Swift is going to help the team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Maybe she can help us Shake it Off?

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There’s a lot to be said for that line of thinking. The thing is, barring a contract extension that we might very well still have in line for, say, Decker or Galladay, we have the most cap space outside any team besides the Browns.

We are going to draft, and then still have some money to fill the holes we missed. Quinn has added guys like Bolden and Mike Daniels to varying degrees of success over the years.

Imagine drafting, then a Clowney’s price comes down, or maybe we use one of the mid round picks on Yannick or OBJ.