Making Lions 2020 Reboot Successful

Can we all agree that when you fire your entire defensive staff, special teams staff, and strength and conditioning staff all in the same off-season; oh and get rid of one of your team captains (Diggs), let your best guard walk away and trade away your best corner - you’re rebooting the team. Each of these would be significant on its own. Taken altogether, this is a reboot.

Question is, what do they need to do next to make this successful?

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  1. Matt Stafford to stay healthy for 16 games.
  2. Cory Undlin to have a significant role in calling the defensive plays and alignments.
  3. Vaitai to perform up to the level of his contract.
  4. Drafting game changers/difference makers/immediate contributors with any picks they have in Rounds 1-2.
  5. For Jamie Collins to be that coverage LB that the Lions have been lacking since Levy went off the rails.

Soooo…a lot!

  1. Isaiah Simmons to become the coverage LB we have lacked since Levy.

Fixed it for you :slight_smile:


Hahaha! Love the simplicity of the solution, Simmonsorbust.

I agree w/all of this, but also feel there is a high likelihood it works out exactly like that.

For what matters to this team, their best Guard is still on the team.
For things to be successful, 2 of Big-V, Aboushi and Crosby have to perform at starter level. 2 of the 3. More of Quinn’s optimism on display.

Much is made of the new DC. Meh.
This is still a BB-influenced team with a smattering of 3-4 and 4-3 principals across the line, but especially 3-4 at the LB level in that they’re taking on linemen more than 43 LB’s would.

That said, Tavai has to take a big step forward in his 2nd year (I think he will) and Collins is a known quantity (which is good).

However… We have a Shelton-for-Snacks swap at one DT spot and we’re still banking on Hand to play the other. At least this year Hand is backed up with a healthy DT.

Then there’s the left Defensive End / LB swap-out of Kennard. Out goes Kennard, in goes ??? Bryant? Okwara? Jones? Collins? Davis? More optimism, I presume. (I actually think we have a 2nd rounder coming in to fill this spot.)

At RB, we’re expecting KJ to be healthy? That’s a necessary component to this reboot. Health across the board is.

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Goalpost returning to 2018 All-Pro Form