Mark Dantonio stepping down

The longtime coach of the Spartans made the surprising announcement on Tuesday afternoon, just one day before National Signing Day takes place on Wednesday.

Valenti finally gets his wish!

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Oh, man. That sucks. I hope it’s not his heart.

Good for him, he built a great program, that I hated.

Signed, UM grad

And he and Izzo are tremendous at running girls out of MSU that get raped by their players and covering it up.

But he was a better coach than Harbaugh. Dantonio over-achieved with the talent he was able to get to MSU. Harbaugh underachieves with his talent. And this is coming from a Michigan fan


Not going to question his coaching ability. It’s his lack of scruples that led to his downfall.

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Stepping down shortly after stating the job isn’t done so he is staying. Then a deposition in the Blackwell case, new allegations come out against him & MSU shortly thereafter and… he retires.


I wont be shocked if a big story isn’t about to break about (more/newer) criminal conduct on the MSU football team.

Izzo should have resigned the day the ESPN story was aired about his players raping girls and his assistants covering it up and harassing the girls. Only difference between Izzo and Dantonio is Izzo has had more success so he is immune from the pressure of running a criminal program.

Athletic Director
Sports Medicine Creep
Football Coach

Now if MSU would dump Izzo the University could start to earn some respect back instead of being the breeding ground for rapist

For God’s sake, just in recent memory, you have the wrestling coach who was videoing the wrestlers, you have all the basketball clowns raping with impunity, the coaches harassing women who dared report it, the god awful Perles and the cronies in the adnministration covering for Nassar who was sexually assaulting on an epic scale in the guise of a physician and the coaches shielding him. This is god awful and systemic at MSU. Izzo, Dantonio and the entire Board of Regents should be canned.

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Great coach! It was time…

And to all y’all saying him and Izzo are somehow responsible for covering up the raping of girls maybe you should contact the fbi and show them your proof!!! Chances are you don’t have any proof and are just butthurt wolverine slappies!

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We could go back to Charles Rogers getting stabbed by his girlfriend, the dumbass stealing beer like he wouldn’t be recognized. Really, it has been endemic there since the nineties.

Apparently you missed all this…

Intimidating the girls into leaving campus and not pressing charges does not equal innocence…

You do know both Tom and mark kicked kids off the team for smoking weed.

Plus I don’t by nothing that bspn says.

Espn, forbes and bleacher report lol…Some credible sources there

Whoa- whoa-whoe…Respect you Jaded, but you are waaaayyyyy off base here.


So you think the girls lied.


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Wonder why the President and Athletic Director resigned right after that report???

Apparently they thought it credible enough to end their own careers

Not going to continue this. Just find it wrong when wrong doings was tossed away awhile ago. Not buying into this conspiring shit.

  • Signed UM fan

I still waiting to hear what Izzo and Dantonio did wrong? I mean if you think they would be exempt from something like hiding the raping of girls you’re crazy.

I think Mark may have health issues.

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