Marshawn Lynch TD

That is incredible. Pete Carroll was so happy, good for Marshawn to come back to Seattle.

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I want Marshawn to show fresh legs in the playoffs and just run over people. He looks good for having so much time off.


49ers are letting this win slip away.

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What sucks is that if SEA wins GB has home field through out the playoffs and the ref advantage.

Iā€™m hoping Philly can make it past the Wild card round only to travel to GB and spank GB at home.

The ending to this game was wild. What a football game.

Should have ran the ball from the 1 with Beastmode. When will they ever learn? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Instead, delay of game and 3 straight incomplete passes and coming up inches short.

Dumbest penalty taking that delay of game. Also dumb spiking the ball instead of trying a sneak.

That was crazy. Seattle came about 2 inches away from winning it.

Good game

Wow, yeah what a finish.