Martha Ford, listen up: Detroit Lions are getting buried by excuses, Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn


Well, the NFL hand picked Quinn from the cheatingest organization in football.
Wait! Just how many coaches from the Belichik tree are out there, now? The Genius may have figured out a new way to win?

Martha is probably looking at what Kyle Shanahan has done with Lynch in his 1st 3 years and thinks, maybe listening to hot head fans is not what I need to do right now. I think I will wait and see.
Coaching Results

Shanahans head coaching record with SF

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I like the John Fox comparison, actually. If sexy specs Ford keeps these 2 guys around another year, I could totally see a 6-8 win season next year where fans will claim “it’s getting better, we are on the right track, it takes time”. Carrot / String. That is SOL in a nutshell. Do just enough to stay on the payroll an extra year or 2 longer than they should.

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It’s ridiculous to compare taking over a 2 win team with no quarterback to a 9 win team with a good one.


I think they’re going to get another year to right the ship. They probably won’t and the Lions will be starting all over again.


That’s my take as well. Next year is looking like a certain lost season 9 months before it even starts. At least if we change regimes, we have a legit built in excuse for poor year 1. Instead it will be year 5 and I cannot find a single avenue to 9 or more wins next year.

The present debate is nothing more than a recycled rehashing of over 50+ years of futility. It doesn’t matter in the least whether Quinn & Patricia are terminated. We’ve been down this road countless times before & the journey always takes us in a repetitive circle of hiring, firing & starting over. Bringing in a new regime will not change a thing because the root of the problem, the ownership, will remain in place. The only hope for the Lions fan base, under these abysmal circumstances, rests in the time old adage “occasionally a blind squirrel gets an acorn.” Unfortunately, that elusive acorn has frustrated countless generations of supporters of this sad franchise.

I think NFL fans in general think that eventually, their team will luck its way into at least 1 Super Bowl. But what’s interesting is, history doesn’t support this. Particularly if you narrow it down to recent history, getting towards the salary cap and Roger Goodell era. Its the same teams playing in the Super Bowls over and over again.

My issue with this article is that people are getting upset over the last game. What difference did the Minnesota game make in the grand scheme of the season? It’s over so who cares that we now lost 6 in a row. Beating Tampa next week will not salvage the season so why complain every week now when we lose?

I’m hoping for 3 more losses and a shot at chase young. Change D coordinators in the offseason and let’s get it next year. MP will have his last chance to show that he can lead this team. If he fails again then we definitely need to go another direction but not necessarily a new scheme. I’d like to find someone who is committed to the players and concepts that we have in place but hopefully implement them better.

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The difference is we clinched last place in the division two years in a row.

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Speaking for myself, of course… I am not upset over losing the game. What I watch these mostly meaningless games for is to see life in our team, leaders leading and improvement from younger players. When I watch, I get next to nothing.

Slay got picked on. Davis gets worse by the play. Harris doesn’t even belong on the field. Tavai is lost. I don’t care that we lose, but my gosh, we shouldn’t look completely unprepared every single game. There aren’t a lot of positives in these games. At least in some years we could have some hope with some rookies, but every single rookie has been a major disappointment.


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I agree, but I think this is going to be way too logical for most posters here.

Honestly, they have done a poor enough job this year that you could make a case for changing coaches, but I’m not sure it’s all that strong.

As far as the team ownership, Bill Ford Sr seemed to have some positive characteristics that went to an extreme (patience and loyalty). The reality is though, a good amount of patience is required to build a winning program, just not too much. Continuing to change schemes and players to match the scheme every other year is a sure way to failure. One more season seams like it may be prudent, likely with a new D coordinator. They show progress or it’s a change. Let’s give Martha Ford a chance before we call out ownership as a current issue.

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This scheme is “multiple”

There are no players under contract next year except maybe Tavai who are totally scheme dependent

Its why I’m so passionate about firing them now before they get another draft and spend all the cap space to save their jobs.

Same can be said for winning the super bowl 2 season ago and now you can’t get out of your own way with the same basic staff. So your point is not a point at all, just more blather by someone that seems to think they know something and in reality don’t know shit.

Ok boomer

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I don’t think Martha Ford really cares one way or the other.

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Says the guy who claims he knows what Martha is probably thinking. :joy:

Offense is top 5 when the 1s are playing. Get a pass rush on the QB and the defense isn’t so bad, Yea, one more year is going to happen my friends. So sorry for your luck

Who said anything about another year? I was just pointing out your sheer hypocrisy in telling someone else they don’t know shit.

The passing game was good, but if you think that run game was top five, you might want to put down the crack pipe.

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