Martha Ford stepping down as owner of the Lions

Sheila Ford Hamp to take her place:

Martha Firestone Ford to step down as principal owner of Detroit Lions

Sheila Ford Hamp to succeed mother as team’s principal owner and chairman

— Detroit Lions (@Lions) June 23, 2020
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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Martha was far less patient than her husband and her firing of Lewand, Mayhew & Company proved that.

I’m betting that after watching the Lions lose so much over the years, that Hamp has even less patience than her mother.


Hamp was the one pushing for change when hiring Quinn. She’ll be more active than Mom to improve Lions.


Don’t be so sure. She was the one that pushed to keep the current regime towards the end of last year.


I get the feeling this could be like Denise Debartolo-York our in SanFran…Sheila may not tolerate constant underachieving

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Ok - I’ll toss the thought out there…

I agree 100% older people, like Martha, are high risk… to any virus…

I have to wonder if the timing is or has been influenced by the road of walking around the facilities and getting it??

I hope only the best for both - 19-0 baby until proven otherwise!’


I hope so

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Which was totally the right move


Part of me wants to have hope, and the other part sees yet another Ford at the helm which will lead to losing.

Living in Denver I have been a witness to the debacle of the Broncos ownership change.

I for one am thankful that Martha and the Lions leadership have a succession plan in place and are moving forward with that plan while Martha is still alive.


Well, it cannot possibly be worse. All they’re really doing is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Deep down, I pray there is improvement, but see the same-o, same-o. Oh, where’s Junior through all this?

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Is it possible that Martha Ford is in failing health, nobody lives forever. I wish her well and hope Hamp can get this team into the SB, maybe even win one. Or sell it to someone who can. Interesting question, will the team get sold in the near future? Does she care about the football team or not so much?

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Didn’t say it wasn’t. I was responding to the

“ I’m betting that after watching the Lions lose so much over the years, that Hamp has even less patience than her mother.”

comment. I have said many times that you should give a regime 3 years at a bare minimum and preferably 5. I also have said in numerous occasions that I can see what they are trying to accomplish here with a lot of their previous moves. I wasn’t overly excited with the last Couple drafts but I’m willing to let it play out.


Good time to post this article here:

Sheila was in on the decision to retain Quinntricia.

She was in on the statement that talked about fielding “a competitive team;” not winning championships.

William Clay Ford, a trust fund baby, finagled his way into ownership of a team that had won three NFL championships, and competed for a fourth, only a few years earlier.

He ran it into the ground. Then he died. Then it went to the trust fund baby Ford married. They still were a last-place laughing stock.

Now the team is going to Martha Ford’s … wait for it … trust fund baby!

Such a recipe for success, huh?


I don’t see any reason to be optimistic, cautious or otherwise. The Fords have beaten all the goodwill out of me. But I do think that retaining Quinn and Patricia makes more sense in this light.

If it was in the cards for Sheila to take over this summer, and that’s almost definitely the case, she’d want to be firmly entrenched before launching a new GM and coaching search. She wouldn’t want to be forced to rush through the change in ownership, nor would she want to be saddled with somebody else’s picks for a new regime. So waiting one more offseason starts to make sense. (Unless you’re still trying to argue this was the right call in any other context, in which case you are wrong.)