Martin signs with Broncos

3 year deal for 7 mill looks like a new punter this year.He was decent but seemed to have his worst punts at the worst times.


It’s okay, we ain’t gonna punt this year anyways, right? Gonna need a big leg for the many kickoffs after we score though.


:muscle: :muscle:


A 3 win team needs a strong punter for sure.

There is a good one in draft but better grab him rd 5 he also kicks off an we have 2 on roster now But Braden Mann Texas A&M Looks like a rd 5 pick i would use are first in the rd he may not make second rd 5 pick

We are not a 3 win team now…

That is in the past my brother! That team is being retooled …

We are a “I have no freaking clue” win team now!! :crazy_face:


Kind of like Hanson. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was Sam who had a terrible punt in the Dallas playoff game. Mostly he was quite good for us and would just boom them. Rarely got blocked and this to me is another indicator of how bad Martha, Quin and Patricia are viewed around the league.

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The Denver Lions–Glasgow, Driskell, and Martin–break them up.

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Funny how that happens, isn’t it? We had a player and coaching exodus to Miami a few years ago. We also tapped into a big handful of Seattle players about 10 years ago. This kind of stuff happens all the time.

ETA: we also have a number of players and personnel in San Francisco from here.

There’s actually a couple of good punters in this draft.
Turk is the one who blew-up the combine by putting-up 25 reps and running a 4.79 Forty. He’s an athlete. He absolutely booms punts.
He set a record his first game punting the ball.

Player Bio

Turk is the nephew of 19-year NFL punting veteran Matt Turk and pro offensive lineman Dan Turk. He began his college career at FCS school Lafayette, where he garnered second-team All-Patriot League honors in 2017 by averaging 42.7 yards per punt (67-2,863), placing 18 of 67 kicks inside the 20-yard line against just three touchbacks, and forcing 15 fair catches. Turk decided to transfer to ASU after that season, meaning he would have to sit out the fall of 2018, per NCAA regulations. He excelled in his one and only season with the Sun Devils, leading the Pac-12 in punting average (59-2,476-46.0) to receive first-team all-conference recognition. He forced fair catches on 20 of 59 punts, putting 32 of those kicks inside the 20 with six touchbacks.


By Lance Zierlein

NFL Analyst

NFL Comparison

Matt Turk


In his first game at Arizona State, Turk broke the NCAA record for punting average for a minimum five-punt game with 63 yards per punt. Like a home run hitter in baseball, Turk has tremendous power but is lacking ball control, which could come with more experience. He’s an early-entry punter who is somewhat raw and will need more time to work out the kinks. He’ll outkick his coverage at times and may not have the touch teams like from 50 yards and in, but that big leg is a weapon that may be hard to pass on even if he needs refinement.


  • Very thickly muscled with arms that look like logs
  • Has experience training with uncle and former NFL punter, Matt Turk
  • Monster leg to flip the field when needed
  • Obliterated open-field punts with 51.8 gross average
  • Good operation quickness
  • Hangtime is adequate for midfield punting


  • Has a tendency to outkick coverage and allow returns
  • Will need to take some leg off of it or add some hangtime
  • Inconsistent control as directional punter
  • Below average touch on pooch kicks, sending too many into end zone
  • Runs himself out of position on punt coverage
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Roger Goodell:
“With their 1st round selection, the Detroit Lions draft, this can’t be right, ummm… Matt Turk, punter, Arizona State.”

That would be the ultimate Quinn move.

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no we will wait until round 2 and move up to get him. That is the kiss of death. our 2nd round picks have not done well.

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