Marvin Jones done for the year

IR’d per ESPN

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Yup - this is preseason football. Saving the health of our guys and seeing what we have on the roster for next year. Eeeesh. Tough to watch.


I’m fine with it either way. I will say that this has a hint of Quinntricia stank on it. Like, “If we IR half of our team, we have that extra built in excuse for why the team played like dog shit from the start of training camp, thru preseason, the start of the regular season and the entire season”.


They should IR Stafford too. Playing him, when he’s healing from a broken back, at the tail end of a three win season would be the epitome of stupidity


Top 4 pick here we come

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What’s the injury? Didn’t he have knee surgery last off-season? I know he didn’t finish the 2018 season.

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Sounds like his ankle.


That’s better than a knee injury

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Even if it is bull.

it’s a conspiracy…gotcha

I think if it was solely up to management, they would. I believe MS is lobbying to play once he’s cleared medically.

Probably. The guy obviously has a pain addiction.:smile:

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Agreed. I felt that they went into tank mode, for lack of a quicker description as soon as they IRed Jeff driskel even though he had practice that week in order to see what they had in David blough and last Sunday’s game absolutely looked like purposely putting blough into uncomfortable situations as part of the game plan to see how he fared. Otherwise it was a terrible terrible game plan and I don’t think bevel lost his mind in one short week

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Can we put Patricia in IR?


This is a good example of why this board could use a POST OF THE DAY vote. You would have won for yesterday.