Marvin Jones is Aiming High

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Go get 'em, Jonesy!

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I still think this was one of Quinn’s best signings to date. His 1st FA signing might turn out to be his best. Hopefully not…hopefully, the best is yet to come. It’s been hard to top this one though.

Jones has been an excellent player, especially for the contract.


He will probably be traded mid season in the middle of the division race.


Quinn has done well with WRs. Jones was a great signing, as was Boldin. Not a bad way to come in and replace Calvin. Golladay also a great pick.


Yeah, for sure. He’s definitely got a good eye for WR’s.

Looking like a good group at WR going into next season already before the draft. Hopefully, he can improve his eye for some other positions where he’s missed more than he’s hit.

One of the best bargains in football. Great attitude.

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Something tells me that if our #2 WR gets 15 TDs this year, that we will be playing behind by multiple scores all season and that our running game won’t have a chance to succeed again. We all love stats, but some cool stats tell a bad story.

I’d like to be the team that forces the most 3 and outs and has the best TD% in the red zone.

Hmm…Not sure I agree entirely here.

  1. I don’t think WR success is an indication of playing from behind by multiple scores. It could mean domination but er…yeah…let’s not kid ourselves here about the Lions dominating. So yeah, lol, maybe I can’t disagree entirely with that as much as I’d like to. But when Randy Moss was setting WR td records in NE, they were hardly playing from behind. That’s just 1 example, I’m sure there may be more supporting your theory.

  2. I don’t think Marvin would agree that he’s the #2 WR. I think he’d beg to differ. I think I’d consider Golladay our #1 wr now but, Marvin might disagree and he’d have a fair argument.

  3. Agreed - I’d also like to be the team that forces the most 3 and outs and has the best TD% in the red zone. Marvin can’t help with the 3 and outs on defense obviously, but if the Lions have a solid TD % in the red zone that means guys are scoring TD’s, and having 15 TD’s (Whether it be the #1 or #2 wr) helps in that category.

The bottom line is that I want Lions players to be ambitious and hungry. I like to see players setting ambitious goals. Jones has a great attitude and has been an excellent player. I’m just glad we have him.


Yep, no issue with his confidence. Glad to hear someone coming out with lofty goals. I wish Flowers would say he has busted his ass and expects to get 15 sacks. Now that would be something! :slight_smile:

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