Matt is eyeing to pass Joe Montana on all time TD passes!

Regardless of the teams winning loss record: Props to Matty!!

It sucks to place him imho with Dan Marino right now… someday I hope he wins a SB as he deserved it

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Yep he sucks!

So much hyperbole on both sides. :joy:

Wanna bet he puts an emphasis on throwing a TD pass this week?

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To which team?

Hyperbole at its best

It would be interesting to know where guys like Montana, Marino, Moon, Elway, etc. would be if they played in today’s pass-happy NFL.

The top QBs of their generation would be top QBs in today’s game. They would have been brought up with these rules and wouldn’t get the crap knocked out of them like they did when they played. The rules for today’s QBs and the reliance on throwing are much more beneficial than in the past. That’s why some mediocre QBs are shooting up the list of yards, etc. Jameis Winston threw for 5,100 yards last season. Only Manning, Brees, Brady, and Roethlisberger have ever thrown for more in a single season. If Marino played in today’s game, he would have thrown for 6,000 yards in a season probably with 60 TDs.
It’s nearly impossible to compare guys from even 20 years ago to guys that are playing now The game isn’t even close to being the same.
I remember Elway was a QB that made the shotgun formation popular. I bet 65% of the snaps in the NFL are taken in shotgun formation now.

What’s crazy is that R. Wilson has passed Jay Cutler, Steve Young, Donovan McNabb, George Blanda, Jim Kelly, Len Dawson, Y.A. Tittle, and John Hadl this season alone in TD passes. I think that is 5 HOFers. It goes to show you how this era has super stat inflation for QBs as compared in the past. For RBs…not so much.

Fran Tarkenton retired in 1978 with 342 TDs…crazy for that time period. He was 52 ahead of Unitas and 97 ahead of 3rd place Sonny Jurgenson.

So much of today’s passing game is made up of the run and shoot offense, Mouse Davis and June Jones ran, the k-gun that Buffalo ran with Kelly and Mike Martz offenses.

I bet he does!!!

Like sucking snot and boogers monsters from his toddler’s noses with an aspirator!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Make no mistake the 90’s were pass happy too.

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Marino passed for 600+ attempts in 3 of his 11 full 16 game seasons, Stafford has done it 4 times in his 8 full seasons and came 6 passes short one other year.
Surprisingly, Marino only did it once in the 90’s.

Not even remotely close to today’s game.
17 out of 20 of the single season most pass attempts were after 2010, and only 2 were from the 1990s. And only 6 out of the top 60 were from the 1990s.
For single season passing yards, the first one is #39 Warren Moon from 1991.

I’d be interested to see what the “air yards” were. We had CJ so we were bombs away for awhile, but we also used the short passing game as an extension of our running game a lot because our oline was incapable of opening holes. Hard to look at individual stats in a vacuum. Especially when Stafford’s were all in garbage time too lol…

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In fairness, most teams have substituted the running game with the short dump off pass. I think that is one of the biggest reasons for the increase in passing yards.

West Coast Offense.