Matt LaFleur didn't have full control over hiring assistants in GB


Usually a serious recipe for disaster.



Rodgers will make it look good, or at the very least “okay.” Without him the Packers would be 4th in the division every year. They’ve had so many years of other worldly QB play that they literally have no clue how off track they’ve gotten and how bad things really are there. Winning is the best deodorant, as they say. But their hella good deodorant has kept them from realizing they need to take a frickin shower.


Would love to see them take 4th in the division this year.


They have spent heavily on defense over the last 3 drafts.


Reads like the soap opera that I am hoping it is. Bring back the Pack of the 80’s!!


Most of their picks in the first 3 rounds of the last 8 drafts have been defensive players. Check this out:

1st round: DE, DB, DB, DT, DB, DB, DE, DE
2nd round: C, DB, DB, DB, OT, DB, WR, RB, DT, DB
3rd round: TE, LB, DT, LB, WR, DT, TE



BTW, anyone know how Kevin King is turning out? His size was really interesting to me.


Average to below, he was the first pick of the second round. They took the wrong King, Desmond was an all pro last year and wasn’t taken until the 5th round. His numbers “suffered” his senior year because teams simply quit throwing at him. We had 2 4th round picks and took a TE and a LB, both of whom are likely to be gone before the end of this season unless Roberts shows some kind of miraculous improvement in staying healthy and catching the ball, (below 50%).


Thanks for the insight, CJ!


In the “woulda, shoulda. coulda” game, we could have had Desmond King and George Kittle instead of Reeves-Maybin and Roberts from the 2017 draft.


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