Matt Patricia grew as a coach this offseason

Per Albert Breer … MP has done some growing this offseason. I think we can all agree MP needed to grow as a HC.

Read the article below and click on the original Breer article for more on the subject.

It’s a good read.

From the article.

Also, Patricia feels that the virtual meetings have allowed him to become a more effective teacher.

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Here’s the original article. It’s a good read. You have to scroll down to the Lions part. It’s long but worth the read in my opinion.

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Related note:

Patricia contacted Kansas Coach Mark Mangino about his “jacket guy”.



Actually, I think when you hire someone to be the HC of a NFL team you don’t expect them to have to do much growing. And when they can’t carry the jock strap of their predecessor after two seasons articles like this only make a larger case for moving on.

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Interesting perspective, totally disagree with it, but interesting.

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I know that I know any and every thing about a new job I take, that I’ve never done before, no adjustment needed… Walk in the building and I’m immediately up to speed and know exactly how to handle each and every situation


Do you think he’s better than Caldwell?

That part of your post isn’t what I responded to.


It’s germane to the other part because why would you hire someone for a role that had expectations of improving if their skill set said otherwise?

I separated them as the first comment can stand alone as an ownership or management philosophy. I took it as it being your view of any newly hired coach coming with no previous experience as HC, not just nfl, you don’t expect there to be much growing in the new role of head coach. I disagree.

I don’t expect, didn’t, expect Patricia to be as good, great or mediocre as Caldwell, Caldwell had many years of experience as a head coach Patricia didn’t so my expectations were different. Many other factors come into play as well specific to the situation each first time coach walks into.
I figured that Patricia would learn from his mistakes, similar to any first time head coach or manager in any profession does.

Juwan Howard comes to mind where people discussed how he grew into the role in his first season at UM. People have said the same for many other first time head coaches in all sports. So I found the part of your post I responded to interesting


I absolutely expect a HC who is brought in for the express reason as going to the next level while taking over a team with a winning record to have little to no learning curve. And in a league where the NFL stands for, “Not for long”, if you don’t perform, (thank you Jerry Glanville), why would you hire someone who you assumed couldn’t walk in and make the team better? BIG disappointment. What team in the NFL has ever hired a HC hoping they could learn on the job instead of getting results? It’s one or the other and there’s too much money on the table to screw around.


Shhhh… We’re pretending Quinn didn’t hire his boy from Foxboro to take the “already regularly making the playoffs” Lions over the top to the next level – going deep in the playoffs and getting to the Super Bowl – in short order.

When Patricia completely failed and the team went backwards fast, history was quietly revised. Now you’re supposed to believe that the plan was always to tear it all down and rebuild it.

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And how do you “extend” that privilege? You use a hi pick on a QB. I, for one, expect that to be their next off season move sans huge improvement.

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Well done, sir.


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I’ll believe that Patricia grew as a HC when I see far more W’s in a season.

What if we don’t have a season and he gets fired for not being competitive?

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I think it’s obvious that MP wasn’t ready to be a HC. He didn’t have the developed people skills for such a role.

That’s the risk you take when you hire a first time HC.

I think BQ wanted to hire his buddy so bad that he had blinders on. I expected some growing pains but not the disjunction we’ve seen the last two years.

For me that’s water under the bridge now and my only hope is that he’s learning from his mistakes and growing into a HC.

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Actually, blood under the bridge as it were. I don’t see anything from year one to year two that shows that he is in fact learning from his mistakes.

Again, it’s about wins and loses! Quite honestly, I would have thought he would be the most prepared of any coach working under BB. Boy was I wrong. Patricia is one of the worst HCs in the NFL.
You still have uncertainty surrounding the defense. If the D stinks, who gets the blamed? Is it Undlin who was a D coordinator several decades ago or Patricia?