Matt Patricia, Lions taking their lumps in free agency reviews

I have looked all day today reviews of free agency by about 30+ websites. Some have grades to individuals, and some by division.

I would say it’s a 80% - 20% split on opinions. 80% belonging to approval opinions. I won’t post any of them because I know if people are looking for opinions, they too have found many more approving of draft vs disapproving.

Oddly enough more so than not, the ones grading them by divisions, they too are more approving of Lions vs other NFC North teams.
I will say also that the majority are going HV (Big V) the lowest grade of all newest Lions drafted.

I know all here on the board will post what their opinions of the draft have been, with linked support posts.

In the end, we will have to wait and see.


I didn’t hate FA as much as everyone else. I really like Collins on day 1 but admit the rest of the day was meh. But I really liked Shelton, Trufant, Harmon, Daniels on day 2.

Sad to see Slay go but he’ll probably suck in 2 years so at least my misery is capped.


I had no problem with what we did .I would have preferred Slay stay but he’s gone so we move on.

They don’t want to give an credit for the OT an the DT mainly cus the DT they knew little about an i tell truth i never looked at him an media don’t like that unknown early.

The young OT they knew about but since he was more swing last season they seen the 50 million an decided it was bad. The contract is a good one an Lions can get out cheap after 2 years. Again the don’t take time to check just see 50 million an figure it has to be bad.

Couple real bad were Bears on TE an what they paid the DLman from dallas I guess Saints get a pass after handing out that contract just other day for Peat I saw more positives than negatives . But I really don’t care what they say its no different than fans on here opinions they vary.

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I don’t hate it either, but I want to caution myself and others that the DTs we signed are depth caliber players. We took steps toward replenishing the empty state we were in, but we did not add difference-makers.

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I like alot of what they did , and have few doubts in a couple.

The online and dline have concerns. But Collins we needed coverage LB that can still rush the passer. He’s very good in this regard.
Shelton big plugger Patricia defense requires. Good signing
Harmon play making FS we lack. Great trade .
There in a must situation, bringing in guys that can help right away and they know should help. These Patriots are not the backups some are saying. But solid signings
I would still like to add Logan then I think you see a difference in the defense

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Shelton isn’t depth caliber. He’s at least an average starting caliber NT. I think he might be a bit above that actually

We are going to face numerous defenses this year that can wreck a pocket. We certainly aren’t a pin-your-ears-back defensive front, but you’d still like to have a guy the opponent has to scheme against. We have guys that can play competently, which is good. But we also have room for 1 more DT. The target should be someone better than Shelton. (which isn’t a knock, just saying we need an infusion of talent beyond his)

Hand being healthy would be a boon. I really believe in his talent but worry he’s a china doll type.

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Sneaky good. Love watching him. (grab gamepass while it’s free and watch just him) He does make a difference for us when he’s healthy.

I wish I seen the player Daniel Jeremiah sees when looking at Brown. I’d draft the guy Daniel describes, I just don’t see the same guy when I’m watching. That’s the guy I want ahead of Shelton.

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Who are you talking about, buddy? I can’t see who you responded to.

Hand. I just hit the normal reply button there, but I was just continuing the conversation with 'Husker about Hand. My opinion is that, if healthy, he was our #3 most talented defender last year behind only Slay and Flowers.


I’m hoping he can be healthy, and that Bryant can be serviceable-to-good.

I agree w/you, and would also add…If he can stay healthy, I don’t think we’ve seen his ceiling yet.

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