Matt Ryan - You have to love this response!

I must say I was impressed with what Matt Ryan said after what the owner Arthur Blank said. Read the article below. Good stuff!

He gets it.
Atlanta just gave him a really nice deal. He looks like the shell of the player that won the MVP award just a few years ago. I bet the Falcons draft a QB in the first round next year

I posted just now in the other thread and heart and a player must know and be convicted in “why” they want to play: the heart!

Matt Ryan gets it: he shows humility, willingness and a desire to want to play… if he find trust in his heart with the new leadership, he stay imho.

If not, he will go another path imo

Actually, I’m more impressed with what Falcons owner Arthur Blank said.

“Matt has the ability to play at a very high level, even at this age. Whether that’s going to continue or not, I’m not sure. I appreciate his willingness to consider doing that, and the level of what he’s played for us for 13 years, which has been incredible. I will have to see, but again, that’s going to be a decision at the end of the day that will part of it up to the player and part of it up to the coaching staff.” (New GM and new coach coming in next season.)

In Detroit, it would probably be, “OK, you can hire a new GM and Coach. But they must keep Matthew! And his favorite offensive coordinator!”


Yep, no way in hell does Ohhh Sheila, allow the next GM to get rid of Stafford…thats why this org is a joke, she’s a Ford, she learned from her slappy-ass parents. If she’s different, and is willing to do what it takes (as she said…holding my breath), then she’ll leave no option unturned…hell, thats even IF she fires this staff and GM, I’m still not convinced, I mean, Matty Patty gave her the 1-3, bi-week gameball…so he def deserves to stay amiright?

Really don’t understand the love affair for Matt Stafford.

there is nobody here that absolutely loves Stafford. The posters here point out his mistakes and when he does well-period.

I don’t get the love affair for head coaches that flat can not win, can not get this team to several playoffs , not one and done, why we can never find a man that can build a productive RB unit, where our worst guy runs for 500 yards. and a defense that is even top 12, fuck I’d accept that over running in the 30’s.
or a GM that is actually thoughtful and wise with ALL of the offseason.

I would have a love affair -then…but that will never happen…

If they do, that kid would have to sit behind Ryan for a year or two.

It should be noted that Ryan is signed through the 2023 season with the Falcons. If the team decided to move on, that would be a costly endeavor as he has a near $50 million dead cap hit for the 2021 season. After that, the Falcons could clear nearly $15 million off their cap for 2022.

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That is the problem with signing a guy at his age to a big contract, especially when the team is not winning. You could have Ryan start for about half the season and then let the rookie come in next year. If the Falcons end up with the #1 pick they most definitely will draft Lawrence. And you aren’t going to sit Lawrence for an entire year and let a guy who is on the verge of being washed up start in front of him regardless of a contract.

I’m starting to think the correct approach is the one the Browns have taken – you hire your GM and your coach, and if you see it’s not working, it’s not building toward something, you cut and run FAST and do it again. And again. Until it works.

If you look at the teams that have won Super Bowls, it’s almost a rule that the regime put in place started having significantly more success within like two years. With rare exceptions.

A lot of people value continuity. But continuity with the wrong people is just poison for your franchise. It kills the careers of great players.

This is exactly why players want Guaranteed Money, right?!? If you hit the wall or get injured, the team is on the hook yet.
They’ll restructure, give him more upfront and knock his years down. If they do get the #1 pick, they’d be dumb to pass-up on Lawrence but you give Lawrence a year to learn from Ryan and if you suck again, you get another high pick and let Ryan go.
Some of the best QB’s ever had to wait a year to play…maybe not coincidence.

I don’t necessarily disagree, but by half of the first season he is there seems like a good time to get his feet wet.

yeah , I don’t understand how a team can lose for as long as The Lions have , it’s mind boggling , I am talking looooooong before Stafford AND after he started to…the only continuous thing is they always losing . MORE incredible is NOBODY changed this on the "way back machine"1930’s all the way to 2008 before we had Stafford. tells me they could not (which I don’t buy), or they would not. when your a Billionaire , you can get the best ! IF you wanted to, to lead your team and make sure that you are winning…

that’s why we bump heads bro, ’ I’ blame Owners & Leaders…not always the players.
I look at what is suppose to have both lines game-ready, executing the plays correctly , and always watching film , practicing, and being in shape.

we always build a half ass team…usually more at fault is thee defensive side. BUT I don’t let anybody slide free of blame when they mess up on th e O either. I’ll give them all hell.

BUT “Leadership” has always been piss poor.

So basically it doesn’t even matter who the players are in your opinion? They are absolved of all blame?

LMAO, I said and I quote "I give them ALL hell ! " end quote.

when they deserve the heat & Stafford?? he’s no damn different !

BUT* I will give credit and praise when it is due…to.

We burnt through the careers of the most talented RB of all time, and the best WR of his generation.

All we have to show for their entire careers is a Championship Game appearance where the Lions were blown out and thoroughly outmatched from the opening snap.

It’s unforgiveable.

Yep, its just the way it is. If a coach can’t win in the first 2 years, its probably not going to happen. If he can’t win by year 3, its almost definitely not going to happen.

Atlanta fans would lose their chit if they got Lawrence. He’s from the Atlanta metro area.

I see the jets getting #1 pick

Either the Jets, Giants, Jags, or Football Team.