Matt’s is now 20th in total Yrds passing

Passed Johnny Unitas for the twentieth all time passing with 40,277

He will pass Montana this next Sunday if he dropped just 250 yards!!

And he jumped from 25 to alltime 22 for TDs !!


Add another decade of similar stats and he’ll be among the best of all-time. People laughed a few years ago when I mentioned HOF potential. He cannot be denied if he wins a Super Bowl.

I hate that he has to rely on the worst organization in pro sports history to be enshrined. I hope he leaves one day and joins Belichick in NE. I doubt that will happen because of Matt’s loyalty to the organization.


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Well, the reason he is throwing for so many yards is because the Lions never run. When an organization never runs and has a QB who sets records for most pass attempts, that QB is going to get a lot of yards. If they had a running game, he wouldn’t be anywhere close to where he is in yards.

HOF? I know we are all Lions fans, but let’s be honest, he has almost no shot at getting in the HOF. The football HOF isn’t like the baseball HOF (The Hall of good players).
He has a bunch of things working against him. #1, outside of Lions fans, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that ever thinks Stafford is a top 5 QB in pretty much any year of his career. He has never even been close to being All Pro, and only been a Pro Bowler 1x.
#2 He has no signature wins. Like it or not, a QB is judged on their wins. Stafford has never won a big game. Every QB in the modern era that has made the HOF except 2 has played in a SB. Not a wildcard playoff game, but the SB. The other two both played in multiple Championship Games and were All Pro.
#3 It’s the video game era of QBs and yards. A bunch of stats in an inflated era of offensive stats isn’t going to make people suddenly think Stafford is better than Joe Montana.
#4 You can only put so many QBs from each decade in the HOF. There are 26 QBS from the last 75 years; that’s about 3 a decade. There are only 2 QBs that played after 2001 in the HOF. So, it is super hard to get elected. The 8 guys elected since 2000:
Warner, 2017
Favre, 2016
Aikman, 2006
Marino, 2005
Young 2005
Elway, 2004
Kelly, 2002
Montana, 2000
23 SB appearances between those guys.
Stafford has to compete against PManning, Brady, Roethlisberger, EManning, Rodgers, Wilson, Brees, Rivers, and Ryan. PManning, EManning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Roethlisberger are no brainers. Eli has 2x SBs and played in NY. WIlson seems a pretty safe bet.
Those 9 guys are all certainly ahead of Stafford when it comes to belonging in the HOF. And Stafford isn’t going to win any playoff games this season. It’s all about wins. Stafford isn’t even close to being .500 in the regular season. I would say other than Eli, all those guys listed above are way over .500. Throwing for a bunch of yards and losing a lot of football games isn’t the recipe to get into the HOF.
And banking on another decade of similar stats is quite a feat. As a guy gets older, his body doesn’t respond like it did. Other than Brady and Brees, there isn’t anyone who has played at a high level for 20 years. And all it takes is one awkward hit. I really don’t know how guys last as long as they do.
Belichick isn’t going to coach forever. And the Pats aren’t going to get an old QB that demands 20% of the cap either. And they seem to like Jarrett Stidham a lot.
I know we love Stafford, but his resume just doesn’t stack up to those other guys.

It’s cool that he’s getting accolades for his yards though. He’s a good QB and seems like a really stand up, respectable guy. Hope he can win a SB sometime before he is done in Detroit.

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see - I do not care about the HOF…

I am just grateful we have a good QB who is doing what he does when asked to do it no matter what the game plan is… or how shitty we are or how good we are… I mean, add in the two yrs injured and this guy would be (say 3500 a yr) at apporx. 48,000 yards and #11 all time in just 10 yrs…

appreciate what you got; not what you want!

Happy people are not thankful; thankful people are happy imho…

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I dont know I think he has a chance. Warren Moon never played in a Championship game and he made it.

I think Stafford may get the Lions to a championship game or even a SB before his career is over. If he gets the Lions to a SB victory than I’d say he’s a near shoe in.

But then you look at a guy like Vinnie Testeverde and wonder if Stafford will be viewed in a similar light.

Matty is the Fred McGriff of the NFL. The Pete Maravich, the Eric Lindross of the NFL…