Maybe Quinn isn't as dumb as we think

Seahawks had to drain blood from Diggs’ hammy


Maybe the Seahawks are smarter than we are?!?!


There is no question that he isn’t

Carroll is quoted In the article as saying Diggs’ injury is worse than they thought so I am not sure how your concept works?

Another article about it

I have been shaking my head at tweets all day about how dumb Quinn was for trading Diggs bc walker isn’t playing this week and we could have used Diggs. Diggs isn’t playing either and from this report and other reports out there the Seahawks didn’t realize his hammy was “this bad” and it could be a few more weeks before he comes back…


Did you also read that article inside the original article about Lawson and Diggs tweet about “a blessing in disguise”? I would imagine that some of those players we heard about last year who were struggling to buy into the new system are Lawson and Diggs…maybe slay as well…:man_shrugging:t2:

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I think Slay just wants to get paid more


Funny way of asking for a raise…question your boss publicly then don’t show up for work. You want to bet he isn’t playing for the Lions next year?

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There’s no way Slay is here next year. Unfortunately, his price tag isn’t gonna be as high in the offseason as it was last week. Barring someone willing to give the Lions 2 - 1st round draft picks at trade deadline, moving Slay doesn’t help the Lions this year, and the Lions beating the Giants means the team is still trying to win this year and having Slay on your team helps with that. Oh well for all his speaking out, it would be nice to actually see him on the field.

Bob Quinn is smart and a quality yet imperfect GM. That’s pretty clear IMO


I got $1000 Slay is here next year if someone wants to bet.

Some idiot with a YouTube channel owes me 1000 because he said Slay would be traded after the practicing outside comments.

This is a business and as along as he’s playing well he will be here.

The front office isn’t emotional about this stuff like fans.

Tom Brady missed offseason workouts last year, fans need to get over it

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Another angle on this is maybe this explains his drop-off in performance. How long has he been dealing with an injury that is worse than thought?

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There’s no doubt he’s smart
Every GM is imperfect
Not sure why, but sometimes I get fed up with the second guessing on every little decision — some fans love to fool themselves into believing “they’re smarter”
Too much dick waving sometimes

Can you imagine the Fire Quinn threads that would get rampant
if he made a “Diggs-ish” trade?
But he won’t get much credit for getting value for damaged goods

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Hey, you made some sense!
The Brady reference wasn’t needed to make your point

No idea what happens with Slay
Either way, Quinn and Patricia will do whatever they view as being in the best interests of the Lions. Right or wrong, they get paid to make those decisions.

Too long in their minds
If he was a top tier talent they’d have had more patience

I said the above minutes after the trade of Diggs …
The idea that Quinn and Patricia are dumb is ridiculous . I have full faith in the two of them making well thought out choices, roster cuts or acquisitions, Draft etc …notice I said well thought out , it does not make them the right choices, but they are in a hell of a better position to be in the know then we as fans are especially when it comes down to players we hear little about and those not in the spotlight .


Well, for one, they are the Seahawks. They have been a good team that has competed for Super Bowls under Carroll.
And yes, the injury might be worse than they thought but it also might be a reason for Diggs decline this year, I don’t know exactly when he hurt his hamstring.
Like I said, there might be more to it that we don’t know about, like he’s been bad-mouthing Patricia and/or Quin, who knows. But I don’t think the injury is career threatening, they said he might have to wait one more week. So, if Diggs regains his play to where he’s a Pro Bowl alternate and all the Seahawks had to do is wait a few weeks and swap a 5th for a 7th, then yes they probably got themselves a decent player for cheap. Diggs 5.5 million to 7 million puts him somewhere around the 20th highest paid Safety, which isn’t a bad deal, for a starter that is.
Maybe the Lions see something in Walker, Harris, and Tavo which made Diggs expendable.

All I’m saying is, time will tell if it was a better deal for the Seahawks or Lions…of course if Diggs somehow went from a Captain to a Cancer in our locker room then it was probably time to cut our losses anyways, even if it’s a better deal for the Seahawks.


I can agree with this for the most part. Lots of fans fondly remember when their preferred draft pick would’ve been better in a certain circumstance while conveniently forgetting the multitude of times they would have fared far worse. That type of selective memory is just part of being human.

Even taking all of what I previously said into consideration, there’s really not much here for which he deserves credit.

Firstly, the “value” he got is insignificant. A fifth-round pick is rarely any different than a minimum-salary street free agent. Upgrading from a 7th round pick to a 5th round is even less. It’s not zero, but it’s close enough.

I’d argue the impact on the remaining players and the culture was not worth that near-zero value. Either Quinn didn’t realize this would happen, or he didn’t care. I frankly hope that it was the former and he’s learned from the experience. If it’s the latter, it shows a blind spot that will continue to undermine any good he can do in other areas.

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Just what has he did smart, he hasnt improved the team in for years, he hasnt had even one draft pic that been great. Kenny gallowday might be his most impactful draft pic and he got him in the 3rd. His free agents have been nothing so far. Marvin Jones was his and best signing His offense line he has ivested the most yet there still horrible. Hes failed to fix the run game his RBs have been not good some like KJ but hes avg at best. The way he left the dline, with 7 dlineman with 2 hurt and starting season like that was just plain stupid. He kept 13 dbs and 3 dont see the field while his 5 dlineman are so gassed by the forth they were just a liability and couldnt stop or rush anyone and pretty much cost us 2 losses and a tie. guess hes smart because he still has a bunch fooled because of his patroit ties. If he came from any other organisation he would be getting blasted for his results.

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