Mayhew regrets not taking Aaron Donald

Says we would have beaten Dallas in the Playoffs if he had taken Donald.


We would have beaten them had they not tackled SUH the whole 4th quarter. We would have won had they not taken the PI call away too. Not that we wouldnt have won with Donald as well. It was that we didnt have Donald that we lost.

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I’m sure 9 or 10 GMs regret not taking Donald too


Probably closer to 12 out of 13 GM’s regret not taking Donald.

1 1 Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney † DE South Carolina SEC
1 2 St. Louis Rams Greg Robinson OT Auburn SEC from Washington [R1 - 1]
1 3 Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles QB UCF The American
1 4 Buffalo Bills Sammy Watkins WR Clemson ACC from Cleveland [R1 - 2]
1 5 Oakland Raiders Khalil Mack † LB Buffalo MAC
1 6 Atlanta Falcons Jake Matthews † OT Texas A&M SEC
1 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Evans † WR Texas A&M SEC
1 8 Cleveland Browns Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma State Big 12 from Minnesota [R1 - 3]
1 9 Minnesota Vikings Anthony Barr † LB UCLA Pac-12 from Buffalo via Cleveland [R1 - 4]
1 10 Detroit Lions Eric Ebron † TE North Carolina ACC
1 11 Tennessee Titans Taylor Lewan † OT Michigan Big Ten
1 12 New York Giants Odell Beckham † WR LSU SEC
1 13 St. Louis Rams Aaron Donald † DT Pittsburgh ACC

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The thing that makes the regret sting for me as a fan is that according to other reports, he had Wash and Kocurek pounding the table for him. At the time, I didn’t crucify Mayhew as others were because there were numerous teams that had passed on him. All the Atkins comparisons and Atkins’ own former DC passed on him (Zimmer). I understood him trying to arm his new OC with a crucial cog. But to find out later that there were guys pounding the table for him, it makes Mayhew’s dismissal of their opinion truly regrettable.


And we got had Millen listening to people in the back in the 11th hour calling out random names…:man_facepalming:t2:

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An argument can be made for Mack and Evans

And this is why hiring the correct offensive coordinator defensive coordinator matters. Trusting that imbecile Lombardi be the final influencer on that pic was a huge mistake


The only one you could make an argument for is Mack, really. Evans has been a good player but not nearly in the same stratosphere as Donald.

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I wouldn’t trust that guy to feed a two dollar goldfish!

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Taylor Lewan has been a great Lineman, Odell Beckham has been everything you could ask for, Mike Evans has been great and Kalil Mack has been great, too. So no, a full 12 out of thirteen do not regret it.

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He should regret it. That pick likely cost him his job.

Can you imagine having Donald and Davante Adams instead of EE and KVN?

Personally I think the EE vs Donald comparison is exactly why you don’t take a TE in the top 10.

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Just shame what we could’ve had. At least he admits to his mistake.

I like that he admitted the mistake. It was a huge one for sure.

It was confounding at the time due to the pending FA of Suh the following year and whether they were going to pick up the rookie option on Fairley…which they didn’t (after the draft).

It was discussed at length whether Suh was going to stay or not…most thought not.

Fairley was also discussed about whether he should stay for not due to his inconsistent play.

Donald seemed like the right guy at the right time…but nope, Mayhew took Ebron.


It was absolutely a fireable offense to make that move. It’s good to hear that even he knows he screwed up.

The thing is, we still got something out of Ebron (not a bust, but definitely not a value either). Still not as bad as taking Tabor when the entire planet knew he was a sloth. Or taking Davis. Or taking TJH #8 overall. I’m pretty sure idiot Quinn would defend all of these moves, including Tabor. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Yeah, he defended it so much that he cut him after 2 seasons :roll_eyes:

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You see some value in EE but nothing in Hock or Davis? This is why it’s hard to take anything you say seriously!

If EE has/had value then the others obviously had value as well. Remember Davis was a selection for Caldwell’s D not Patricia’s!

Your hate for Quinn is very evident that you can’t even discuss things rationally

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Being honest about it is the first step in making the changes necessary. BPA is what he abandoned when he took Ebron, yet claimed he was BPA. There is no positional upgrade for TE, Donald is by far the superior athlete and Ebron is not the type of athlete that has special traits.

I wish him the best as he started out well, but got arrogant like most of these guys. The reason BPA is imperative in the first round and especially the top ten is the talent differences is substantial. Almost all huge mistakes are due to chasing need over BPA.

The Davis pick was not for Caldwell …Not a single pick was for Caldwell, not when Quinn was in Rod Woods ear the second he got here about Patricia. Everything Quinn did was for the future…otherwise you replace a Suh or Fairly & get CB’s that T.Austin needed to make his Defense work . You also do not ignore our shit running game …and deem it good enough for Caldwell . Quinn new that shit was busted and ignored until Patricia came aboard .

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Trading Van Noy away was not a move made with Patricia in mind. Drafting Tabor and Reeves-Maybin weren’t made with Patricia in mind, neither one is a scheme fit. He’s made plenty of bad moves, but I always felt like he did so with the present (at the time) in mind.