McFly's mock draft for February

With no trades

  1. Okudah CB Ohio State
  2. Lewis Edge Alabama
  3. Davis DL Alabama
  4. k.J Hill WR Ohio State
  5. Moss RB Utah
  6. Anchrum G Clemson
  7. Divinity LB LSU.

1st round depends on what we do with free agents.


I would be happy with this draft. I like Okudah and KJ Hill a lot, I do wonder if he would be there in the 4th though? I am also a big Lewis fan…

Here is a personal little story about Lewis. He is best friends with my “little cousin”. Played madden a few times with him, went to all his games at St. John’s. They both played at St John’s College High School here in DC. My cousin played LT (6’8 330) and faced him every single day in practice for years. Lewis was always in the gym improving and pushing my cousin to workout with him but my cousin, who didn’t have the same drive as Terrell, never believed he could make it despite his size and actual skill. My brother and I would take my cousin to trainers to work with him and he wouldn’t take it seriously. Finally, in his senior year my cousin’s coach and Terrell pulled him aside and yell at him saying essentially at his size and grades he could have def gotten a look at from one of 10-15 scouts at every game watching all the players at St John’s who went Division 1 every year. Terrell lit a fire under his ass and it payed off over the course of his senior year as he got to Arizona State. When i say my cousin stood out, most games no one came close to him in stature. You sit down and the first thing you notice on either sideline is the 6’8 330 dude towering over everyone.

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Cool story - Why is it Alabama always has very good DL. Many drafted very high but few become the stud most think they would?

A lot of good DL have come out of that program but few have lived up to their hype or draft status.

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Well, it gets funnier. I forgot a piece of the story. I sitting here txting my cousin about how the lions could possibly take Terrell and how crazy that is and he reminds me that during that senior year he played against Chase Young…“The only humble brag i have in football aside with playing with terrell and my boys, is that I didn’t give up a sack vs Chase Young. How the fuck did that happen? I didn’t realize he was going to blow up like that!”…that game vs CY was what really turned ASU to my cousin.

So yea, my cousin, finishing up his history degree at ASU, didn’t give up a sack to the guy we all want in Detroit. Can you imagine his classroom and telling his students THAT story. :exploding_head:

I am feeling old. :rofl:

Here’s a similar draft to the OP. I like this scenario a little better.

Air I couldn’t agree with you more. I beat that drum pretty hard on the old site. Do they all look better because everyone around them is pretty good? Does Saban get them to peak early so there is no upside once they get to the next level? Do they get “used up” while at Bama? I don’t know but for the percentage of high picks, they always have in rounds 1 and 2 not a large percentage excel at the pro level and it is not just the DL. Our own A’Shawn is a prime example of your comment.


For me I have always seen Bama as a system, much like the Patriots. It doesn’t ask a lot out of any one player, but each player has certain jobs that they are to do, dependent on what play is called. As long as every one does their job things look good and the players shine, when someone either doesn’t do their job or messes up then we get a better picture of who they truly are.

Of course as always I could be way off, wouldn’t be the first time and wouldn’t be the last.

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Because Bama recruits so many 5 stars. They can’t help but be good.


I used to bring this up a lot too (along with OL and RB), but it’s starting to change I think. Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne have been good in Washington, when healthy, and Hand was great for us (again, when healthy). Jarran Reed’s been good too, and Dalvin Tomlinson has greatly outplayed his draft position. Since A’Shawn most of their guys have actually been pretty good (with Quinnen Williams still TBD due to injury).

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Outside of linebackers and safeties it seems the Bama defensive players never live up to the hype.

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