I just thought this was a good article, wanted to share it if you guys hadn’t seen it. Its fluff, but sometimes that’s good.

I particularly liked the part about the fan complaints he engaged with at the gas station.

If we had any HC that deserved to be a winner in DET, it’s him.

Bottoms up :beer:

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Before the press conference and before he was officially a Lions, I remember him being linked with meathead. Whatever. Energy and drive and the ability to be a performer to grab attention are good attributes for a coach.

The only reservation I have about him at this point is game management. Did he learn everything that Sean Payton had to teach? Does he have it in critical moments of games? That was Lynn’s downfall in San Diego. Is that the assistant coach’s role, Duce Staley’s, to anticipate situations before they occur and be in MCD’s ear?

Even if he’s like Caldwell and the Rocket Scientist in that regard, MCD is doing such heavy lifting for this team in other ways that I’ll forgive him in this coming year for a strategic blunder or two.


Hoping that the coordinators are very competent and that he leans on them heavily. I think we got the leader of people I have been wanting. There are some things I like better about him, and some about Caldwell. Overall, I think I like Dan better (but make no mistake about it, I love Caldwell too).

I feel Dan is more flexible than my bald buddy was.

I was a bit shocked at the time about how some people - nationally - came at him about his presser. Caught me off guard because it was so unnecessary. People wanting to be a hater for the sake of being a hater. = Obnoxious. Seemed needless.

Anyway. Per game management decisions, I like that he went to asst HC with Payton after his stint with the Dolphins. His reflection has that touchstone. When he sees the decisions that Payton made, he measures them against those that he made when he was in the same role.

But Im with ya - on personality alone he’s got some slack, for my part.

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This thread made me think of this.


I’m already a big fan of Dan Campbell. This guy isn’t SJW. Hes in a shape, and doesn’t need a pencil to make him self look like next Enstien.

Okay, that was worth the pay off.

Not sure how my youth missed out on that one. Its just like all the weird movies I watched back then

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I so want his wife’s name to be Gloria now…

If you haven’t seen the movie then you should… lol