Mel Tucker MSU Coach

I read Nick Saban pushed the hire to Michigan State. It’s hard to over look that. I don’t know that he’s worth more than Dantonio was making, but they were kind of in a bind to land a coach. I can’t blame Tucker for reconsidering the job once State backed the brinks truck up, but he did mess up not canceling his appearances for Colorado once the negotiations kicked back up. It came off very bad when he kept making public appearances.

I live in Colorado but I don’t really follow the Buffaloes that much.
When I heard MSU hired Mel Tucker, I was like who, what, and why?
I knew he was the coach at Colorado, but that is all.
I will say this, Colorado is/was very short on talent.

“Both pulled out of the running for the job, perhaps sensing that the real target all along was Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell, the ideal man for the job. Then Fickell turned down the job Monday. On Tuesday, a Michigan State trustee said the school didn’t want a “waffling flake,” an apparent shot at Fickell.”

Meowch. A crack like that usually ends with pulled hair and someone getting a mimosa tossed in their face.

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I had no idea Mike Leach bolted for Mississippi State.

The SEC has some personality coming in with Leach and Kiffin.

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To Dantonio: Pride Comes Before The Fall.