Melvin Gordon: Encountering a weak market?

At what salary/years would you be intrigued, if at all?

Melvin Gordon Encountering Weak Market?

March 19th, 2020 at 1:29pm CST by Sam Robinson

Melvin Gordon appears to have overestimated his market value. The five-year Chargers running back has not received the kind of interest he anticipated, with Mike Garafolo of reporting (via Pro Football Talk) the offers coming the two-time Pro Bowler’s way are not on the level of the one the Bolts submitted last year.

During a lengthy impasse, the Chargers offered their former starting back a deal in the $10MM-AAV range. While that was not quite on the top tier of running back contracts at the time, it was still a lucrative pact at a position that has seen its place on the NFL salary spectrum steadily plummet.

No team is proposing anything “remotely close” to what the Chargers did last year, Garafolo adds.

The Chargers broke off extension talks late last summer, and Gordon did not make his 2019 debut until October. Last season proved to be a down year for the Bolts and Gordon, who saw Austin Ekeler outplay him. Ekeler now has a Chargers deal averaging north of $6MM per year. Gordon is undoubtedly seeking a contract worth far more, but as of Day 4 of free agency, such a buyer may not exist.

Set to turn 27 soon, Gordon is probably the best back on the market. He totaled at least 1,375 yards from scrimmage from 2016-18 and has 47 touchdowns over the past four years. While he has missed time due to minor injuries throughout his career, Gordon was healthy throughout 2019. And although Gordon averaged less than four yards per carry in four of five seasons, he was placed behind mostly bad Bolts offensive lines in that span. But he remains in free agency and may have to accept a lesser deal than he envisioned signing.

Strong 2020 NFL Draft RB class doesn’t help.

This is very true.

Gordon, Johnson, scarbrough, would be a nice 3 headed monster, but with the upcoming RB draft class I cant justify spending the money for Gordon.


No way to $10 mil per year. Maybe a 2 year @ 5 mil per. But I think someone will pay him more.

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Apparently, neither can 32 NFL teams–all of whom know Ekeler outperformed Gordon with the same OL.



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Raheem Mostert. Joique Bell. Bo Scarbrough. Give NFL quality RBs somewhere to run with the ball and you get good results most of the time. You don’t hafta spend a high draft pick or spend over $10 mil for an FA to get a reasonably good running game. It’s different if you’ve already got a kick-ass defense and a good OL, but the Lions don’t have either. Yet.

For the money that Gordon wants, I’d rather get a better RG and a pass rushing DL guy.


It’s like… he has the flu?!

So many guys in sports get bad advice. On top of the bad advice, they also have to give those agents a lot of money.

He’s an idiot.
Everyone knew he wasn’t going to beat that offer but him. He was a fool to turn it down.

I also read that Mia offered him 8 mil a year and he balked at it. Thought he’d play hard ball with them So they went and grabbed Howard instead.

He’s looking for a Gurley like deal and he’s not going to get it. Rumor is that TB and ATL are the only teams left who are seriously looking at him.

Don’t be shocked if he is forced to sign a one year prove it deal or if he waits until injuries mount before signing with someone.

And Gurley just got released.


I think he saw the insane money Gurley got and set his expectations thusly. Unfortunately, the Chargers weren’t negotiating drunk like the Rams.