Melvin Gordon

Melvin has not gotten any great offers. Is it possible to pick him up cheap with an incentive laden contract? Give him some goals to hit where he gets paid and if he does great if not we have another RB that at least is a good receiver.

Well the cap hit for pick 35 is roughly 1.5 mill, I don’t think Gordon would come that cheap. He turned down 10 mill last yr from the Chargers. So from a cap saving perspective we’re most likely further ahead to draft Swift/Taylor/Dobbins, plus they’re 3-4 yrs younger, and you get them for 4 yrs at least.

Sorry lost the page I found the estimated cap hit. Will edit with it.


All this and then some, especially if the Lions are able to trade down and add another high 2d Rd pick like No. 39 overall.

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I really hope we can, it would really open up some options

I would like Taylor at 35 or Dobbins Taylor is my first pick for RB at 35.

I saw a mock where they said Lions got pick 26 for the move down with Miami an we took A.J. Epenesa DE with pick 26 that would be great an get Taylor at 35 nice start to draft

Jeffrey Okudah CB pick 5
A.J. Epenesa DE pick 26
Jonathan Taylor RB pick 35

We would have 3 solid starters with this type of start to draft.
an two picks in rd three with picks later to maybe add an move up We could add a fifth to move up with the Eagle third we have . Could even use one to move up in rd 4 to get best fit at start of day 3 Later rds can be used to bounce a rd during draft. It should be fun days for fans . If it breaks right

Remember that chart is just a guide line Fins may give more to keep Chargers from moving up. Doubt Skins will pass on Young


That would be a solid get. I like Taylor a lot. Hell lol, I like all 3 a lot. Each has great vision, and each brings a little different skill set. I’m torn between the 3, would be stoked to get one.

If memory serves MP said we needed some game changers. A back that can go the distance on any given play fits the bill. One run could have won a few games last yr. I hope to add a few difference makers

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I’d say no …

He’s turned down offers of 10mil a year and 8mil a year.

He’s looking for 15 mil a year.

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Here’s the thing though. He’s losing options on where to sign. He’s over valued himself. Gurley just signed with ATL and that was a team he was negotiating with.

I suspect he will wait until injuries mount and then sign a one year deal.

It seems he didn’t learn anything from last offseason. Gurley’s history isn’t going to help him either. People will not pay 15 million a year for a running back…


I’d love to get him on a 2-3 year deal at a great price. KJ, Gordon, Bo and Carson sounds like a good stable for next year.

It will be interesting to see where he finally ends up and for how much. He was a fool to turn down 10 mil a year.


It never made sense for him to hold out.

He wasn’t getting the touches Bell did and frankly he just wasn’t that good.

All that security…he might only get a half that now. Look at Gurley, 25 years old, the face of a super bowl contender and now he is essentially a year to year contract guy for a few more seasons before his career is over.

I’d offer Gordon 12m over two years.

He’s a decent NFL starter. Just never showed the same home run hitting ability in the pros as he did in college.

Well, he can look, but no way in hades he’s getting that much. I’d be very interested once his hopes and dreams come crashing down to reality to give him a couple years at say 6M with incentives that are performance based. Maybe something that looks good on paper and on the NFL Network ticker, but in reality would only kick in if the guy lights it up for 1,300 yards. Even if we did get Gordon, I’d still be looking to draft a Swift/Dobbins/Taylor/Akers in the 2nd or 3rd. If we get an extra pick via TD from 3 I’d be fine using it on say Swift who is my favorite. Oh no, we put TyJo on the practice squad… No biggie. That would leave us with a stable of Gordon, Swift, KeJo and Bo plus Bawden. Me likey and the only one with any real cost would be Gordon.

Ha… great minds…

That’s because of the knee issue. If he was able to handle the 250-300 carry workload then he’d still be on the Rams in my opinion.

For sure. A healthy Gurley is much better than a healthy Gordon though

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