Melvin to the Jags 1 year $2.25 Million

Tank for Trevor. :slight_smile:

Bye. Don’t forget to keep on suckin’


You get what you pay for quite frequently. We didn’t pay a lot. His play reflected his value. He cost half as much as Lawson and didn’t hold every play. Can’t complain about what he did here. No corner can cover for as long as ours had to.

I read the headline and thought Gordon took a HUUUUGE cut to play for the jags.:joy:

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Me too. I was damn they got him cheap.

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I don’t think we will miss this one.


Does the Jags have a pass rush?

DUde was better than Lawson…
But worse than everyone else

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Killebrew almost got as much, if that tells you anything.

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