Miami fan/reporter point of view trade scenarios

Trading down to No. 5 may not be an option the Lions have.

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I’m sure Cincy has in mind who they want. If they want Tua, but think Miami wants Burrow, maybe they are thinking they could work a trade down and have whatever resources they need to trade back up with us. The only risk to them would be Washington trading out. If they are confident enough… they are taking Young, maybe they risk it. Then again if I’m a GM, have my QB and can get him, I get him, I don’t screw around and get my second choice by being cute. Then again, it’s Cincy.

So then they trade up with Washington with two first rounders, and get Tua with a first rounder to spare. Then we are sitting there at 3 with Young and Okudah there. Giants can’t resist and trade up for Young. Now we get Okudah at 4 with an extra second rounder. Or stay put and take Young at 3. Nice decision to have to make.

Who knows. I just hope they don’t postpone the draft!

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