Miami trade scenario article

Pretty cool article about possible draft day scenarios involving the lions.

I’m honestly not sure which I prefer, Chase Young at 3 with QBs being the first two picks…or Young going #2 and getting extra picks in the 2nd with a trade down to 5.

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Man, if Young is there at our pick #3 overall, I’d still be tempted to trade with Miami and get extra picks…as much as I’d like to see Young in a Lions uniform. I say trade back as early and often as possible. The draft is such a crap-shoot and the Lions need so much that they need as many picks to throw at the wall as possible.


Miami receives:

2020 third-overall pick

Detroit receives:

2020 fifth-overall pick
2020 39th-overall pick
2020 70th-overall pick
2021 Houston’s first-round pick

The 2021 draft pick would be pretty sweet too. I think Miami has two 2021 picks, one which they acquired from Houston.

What if the Lions acquired Miami’s (from Houston’s) 2021 first round pick and and Houston ended up with the worst record in 2020? The Lions would get the first over all pick and can select Trevor Lawrence.

What if both teams ended up with worst record? Lions would have picks 1 and 2?

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Right? Elite defensive talent or multiple picks and hopes there is a few elite talents in there…bc I don’t think CY is there at 3 I would like the trade down and multiple 2’s.

The Lions need to aim for the Moon. Get as many high picks as possible.

Young or Okudah and Kinlaw

Which would you take?

I found this 2020 Mock Draft Database. Almost everyone has Miami selecting Tua.

IMO they have to make a trade with the Lions if they want to secure him. The Lions are in the perfect position to make a trade for QB needy teams .

I like okudah a lot.

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I’m hoping that BQ and MP both agree that they are going to need as many impact prospects as possible.

If you trade down to Miami’s spot it seems pretty likely that another trade down offer exists.

Pick 13, 34, 35, 39, 67 and 70 plus some 2021 consideration? Yes please.

If 4 QBs go in the top 12 then 13 is a good spot IMO. Young, Okudah, Wills, Simmons, Brown, Thomas, Jeudy, Epenesa, Kinlaw, etc. An impact defender will slide down to 13 IMO

I’m trying to force myself to not go too far with compensation. But here is the deal. There are three QB’s then free fall to the 4th. Miami is going to want one and the Chargers are definately going to want one. Every other team in the first round that needs a QB is going to want one of the 2 that we are holding hostage. If we could even get point chart value, to move to 5 with Miami likely for Tua and to 7 with LAC for Herbert, then that gives us a high 2b and a high 3b. That is 5 impactful positions right there. We would certainly do better than that, but things line up pretty good for a double trade down and still getting a very good player that fills a need at 7.

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Simmons is the way to go. He is very versatile, a great D player

Okudah and Kinlaw for me.
But how u gonna get 2 top 10 pics ?

2018 draft when Jets traded up from 6 to 3 to select Darnold:
To Jets: #3
To Colts: #6, #37, #49, 2019 2nd round pick (#34)

We will have to see how the FA QB market shakes out. There could be a ton of movement, more than we have ever seen. It could lead to some teams being dark horses for QBs come draft time.

Teams such as: Raiders, Bucs, Colts, Jags (BIG dead cap hit with Foles), Panthers could all also be looking for QBs of the future.

Welcome to the Den brother!

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FA QBs: Rivers, Brady, Brees, Winston, Dalton could all be looking for new homes. Possible trade bait: Derek Carr ( or cut).

I could see Gruden making a push too trade up for a new QB.Colts as well but I can see Rivers landing there or the Bucs.

I will agree that the Lions may get these trade opportunities but they better be sure of their board. as an example if there is a player who drops in round one what do you give up to go get him (and the 5th year option). Who might be there if you just hold the pick at the top of round 2.

BOTTOM LINE:There will be a lot of movement and they better be prepared.

I will guarantee this…no matter what they do they will get criticized from the GMs on this board.


To be fair, the GM’s on this board have a better track record.


There’s usually a 30%ish premium (over the trade chart) a team moving up for a QB has to pay, and sometimes, when it’s a competitive spot, it’s more than that (like what the Redskins gave up to trade up for RGIII). I think the 3 spot could be VERY competitive this year, and maybe the 5 too. We could come out of this thing with a boatload of picks.