Miami tried to bring Tua in for a workout

For those who hope we trade down w Miami.

Why would Miami trade up? No one ahead them, besides the Bengals needs a QB. Chargers would be the team.

It’s not that no one needs a QB before them. Because this statement is true. It’s the fear of someone else trading up for Tua ahead of them is the issue.


I guess I must have been confused with another board where people were talking about wanting to trade back with Miami. Like I said “for those who HOPE we trade back w Miami”. Never said they would or should.

I am not convinced anyone has the draft capital to trade ahead of Miami. Chargers are thin and would have to certainly give up their entire draft to get him, not sure it is wise. Jacksonville might, not sure how much they are in love with Minshew. And now you are getting into teams having to drop #1s this year and next as you get down the list.

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There are more ways to move up than with just picks. Players are also moved in the draft to acquire a pick they want. Most teams have ways of moving up. It’s just a matter of what the receiving team wants in compensation.

In fear of the Chargers or Car or another QB needy team jumping them.

Let’s say they want Tua and so does another team like CAR. Mia can’t afford to stay pat and let the other team leap frog them. That is why they would trade up. Teams do it every year.


Then as a good GM, if let’s say Jag’s call up and want him, go to Miami and say Jag’s offers us so and so, can you do better. Let’s the only way Miami is moving up, if the LAC or Jag’s make a offer.

Why would Carolina trade up. Just spent a ton on Bridgewater.

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Might not take that much to move ahead of Miami. Miami determines the price, if they aren’t willing to move up, I’d swap with Chargers for a 2nd rounder.


What do you think the cost will be?

Value of the # 3 pick is 2200 pts.

SDC # 6 1600, # 37 530, # 71 235 = 2365 the Lions would have to give the # 3 and a 5th rounder to even it out some.

Car would have to give picks 7, 38 and 69 to equal 2265 pts

Jax and TB do not have the ammo unless they add in 2021 picks or throw in their entire draft.

LV could do it easy. Picks 12, 19, and 80 = 2265

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If Burrows goes #1 as most believe, and Washington surprises many and takes Tua at #2 then a team wanting a QB is left with Herbert. Many say that is the target for LA Chargers so they may make the move to get in front of Miami. The big question is does Miami have any interest in Herbert.

If Chase is still there and we drop to #5 or #6 surely the Giants will grab Young. A friend of mine says we make either team (Miami or LA) move to #4 with the Giants under this scenario. then flip that pick and a 3rd to us for pick #3. WE get Chase and a 3rd.

I’m not sold Bridgewater is planned to be a long term starter and he’s cheap enough to be a bridge QB. They structured his contract in a way that he’s easy to dump.

2021 only 8 mil all fully Guaranteed.
2022 only 17mil all fully guaranteed.
2023 20 mil with no guarantees.

If your drafting a QB and planning to bring them along slowly. Especially one coming off major injury. What would you want your bridge QB’s contract to look like? That’s exactly how Teddy’s contract reads.

It’s no different than what CHI or many other teams have done prior to drafting a QB.


Not if another team close wants CY. LOL
CY being the type of player he is, many others would want to move up for even him. I believe there are other teams (just as many there are wanting Tua) that would make that move for CY too. It’s how I view it.

That all depends on if we are willing to give up CY too. A lot of variables in the draft.

I thought Jax had 9 and 20…

“trade” can’t see them doing it. Btw there is still Winston out there. I wonder who will sign him.


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I wouldn’t go by the chart. Mainly because the Lions don’t need to trade down as much as the Miami might need to trade up to get a player they want. They would have to give up more to make it worth the Lions while.

But I get it, the trade down crowd thinks everyone is willing to trade up.

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Btw there is a chance Bengals trade down with the dolphins. I’m sure Bengals would get a ton of draft picks. And still get a QB with their trade down.

If I was the Bengals, I’d be asking for all their firsts.