Mike Daniels and his injuries

I haven’t really been keeping-up with Daniels but I knew his foot injury was kind of a big deal and yet we paid-up for him, something in excess of 9 million if I remember right…and we’ve got 3 games.

So, is this latest foot injury have anything to do with the same foot injury he had?

Seems like Quin got suckered into buying another lemon.


Maybe he wasn’t a scheme fit in Green Bay but when they just flat out released him I was concerned they knew something the Lions didn’t.

The foot injury that Daniel suffered as a Detroit Lions is his right foot. The injury as a packer was his left foot. However I have read in general terms on articles that apparently Daniels has suffered from multiple foot injuries during his career but I can’t find any details of that being true…other than last year and this year

I seriously am having doubts that we’lll see a healthy version of him this season. Brutal. Maybe he fully recovers in time for a playoff run? Maybe he becomes his former self and we get him super-cheap, because of injury concerns?

More likely, he’s done after the season.

I didn’t find any evidence of multiple foot injuries other than his left foot last year and right foot this year. He did miss a couple of games with a hip injury in 2017, but nothing on a foot problem. No idea when he will return, or what we can expect in terms of production if and when he does. And I haven’t heard the first peep about if or when that might be.

Frankly, I’m not counting on him at all. Too bad, but maybe Kevin Strong will make up for it. Apparently he’s making good progress in his development.


Pat Kirwan said that when he was GM, he quickly learned to avoid ex Giants and Steelers players. They had a healthy organization and they were loyal…so if they were letting a guy walk, there was a reason and you were about to find out why. Maybe the Packers can be looked at the same way.


The difference is that the Packers haven’t had a healthy organization for a while now. They got a new GM a few year ago and a new HC this season. They are in the beginning stages of a rebuild. So much Like the Lions I am sure that we will see them make some moves over this season and next to get the players that fit what they are trying to do and let any go that do not fit their vision.

Large men with feet issues in their 30s are a massive dice roll to begin with.

I never understood why the fanbase was so happy to get him.

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