(Mildly) embarassing admission about yourself

We’re all friends here in The Den. The new/old place is basically full of people who have been online buddies for a long time. So let’s lay it on the line with something mildly embarassing about ourselves.

Sometimes when I take the dogs out, very late at night, I piss in the yard with them. Nothing wrong with that. I do it on my own lawn while the neighbors are probably in bed. If two large dogs pissing in the yard 3 times a day doesn’t kill the grass, then one large human doing it every once in a while won’t do any harm. Right? Riiiiight?

Don’t tell my wife. She wouldn’t leave me over it, but I’d have to get that sad and disappointed look again.

I like the pop group Hanson.

Ha! I always liked the group Sweet from back in the mid 70s…Fox on the Run.

Shoot, i wouldnt live somewhere that i couldnt piss in the yard without thinking about it.

Im secretly in love with Freda Payne.

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You mean other than being a Lions fan? That kind of trumps all. And what’s wrong with liking Sweet? Saw them live in '76 with Golden Earring. A kick ass show!

I’m hooked on MAS*H. Over the years must have seen every episode at least a dozen times. If there was a Jeopardy episode featuring the show, i’d kick that James Holzhauer’s butt!

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There are way tio many to choose from.

I mean, you’ve all seen me in spandex, so isn’t that enough?

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Some of us had forgotten…


How would you forget when it’s the wallpaper for your computer? :clown_face: :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats some funny chit…

Now, don’t let everyone know, I thought we agreed to keep that between just the two of us! I don’t even know you anymore!

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I dunno, I still dig those boots you had.

I saw a license plate the other day that made me think of you. Not in a creepy way. It was a vanity plate that basically said “I love to heal”. Now this was in downtown Ann Arbor where we have 3 large hospitals in walking distance of each other. Since someone else must have taken heal, this plate had heel on it.

Clearly the driver was an RN or something. In my heart of hearts though, I wanted to pull up and see the driver wearing a wrestling mask. I didn’t look so the dream could stay alive.

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I dug those boots too.

Too bad somebody stole them, along with my tights, which were covered in blood.

Some of the uhh … “fans” I had at the time were … “intense.” But its probably best I never find out what happened to them.

Awesome plates story, BTW. :smile:

Not as embarrassed now that I figured how to upload a profile pic.

I’m so proud…

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We always believed you could do it, Syd.

I think the topic is “mildly” embarrassing…

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I’m an attorney.

And I didn’t learn to swim until I was a freshman in high school.

What do the two things have to do with eachother?

Nothing. I was just making 2 admissions.

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A prof probably told AD, in an anxious moment, “You’re going to learn that it’s either sink or swim in this field”. He wisely decided to learn to swim.

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Interesting, PDono. The reason I didn’t learn how to swim was because my a-hole parents took me to see JAWS at a drive in when I was a little kid. So I vehemently refused swim lessons. Even pools had deep ends…

Then, not knowing how to swim at all, I joined the swim team freshman year in high school. I got pretty good quick.


I can definitely say I’ve done what the OP has done. I drink tons of water and pee ALOT. I’ve found myself peeing in some awkward places over the years. But anyone that knows me knows that I’m going to be constantly up and down going to the restroom.

A temporary embarrassment was the time my wife was telling me about a friend that was pregnant and in her 2nd trimester. With complete sincerity I ask her how many trimesters there were in a pregnancy. She didn’t know whether to feel bad for me or laugh at a joke I might have just told. I wasnt joking.