(Mildly) embarassing admission about yourself

No offense, but, I’d really prefer you didn’t come to the bathroom with me, either.
So, you know, could you put me on that list, too?

I used to post in the OTT a lot.



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This thing is YUGE! VERY BIGGLY.

When I was a teenager, when windows 3.1 came out but was still new, we’d drop into dos and run format c: /f command on all the computers at sears.

Once we were caught, the fatass security guard said ‘stay put i’m calling the cops’ and none of stayed put.

Good times.

another time we made napalm out of gasoline and styrofoam and put it on the receiving doorbell at a subway (sandwich shop) after they kept bitching us out about ringing the doorbell. Luckily it didin’t burn the store down to the ground, but as I understand, the burn mark is still there 23+ years later where the doorbell used to exist.

Great story. I’ll bet the guard went for a smoke break, hoping you all would split so he wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle.