Millen regrets taking Detroit job


…but that’s like being upset about being caught, not for what you did.


Knowing what? That he couldn’t handle it?


Millen says he knew going in that he had an uphill task and even tried to warn Lions owner William Clay Ford.

“I told Mr. Ford when I took the job, I said, ‘Mr. Ford, I don’t know anything about this,’” Millen recalled. “Building a football team is different from running a football team, and it’s completely different from playing for a football team.”

WCF apparently told him “Eh, you’ll figure it out.”


…and we wonder where the problem lies with this franchise.


WCF said “I haven’t had anyone who knew what they were doing in 40 years. So you’ll fit right in from day one.”


I remember him saying when he felt he wasn’t wanted here anymore he’d leave. haha. money is hard to walk away from. but at least he showed who he was.


I remember that as well. That’s when we all started wearing Fire Millen shirts hoping he would just quit. Instead they started telling people wearing them that they couldn’t come into Ford Field with them on. I started wearing mine under my Bly Jersey. Then took the Jersey off once inside. We actually got thrown out for that… all I could do is laugh. Smart idea isolating your season ticket holders like that. The dude was an idiot. I knew it from day one and had many a disgruntled conversation with Coyote about it.