Minny Game - What Does it Look Like?

I’d love to be optimistic hosting the Vikings, but I’m not. We’ve lost our last three against them, and that defense really gives Stafford problems. We won’t be able to run, and we’ll see a ton of double-A gap blitzes and a lot of pressure on Stafford.

On the other side of the ball, I don’t see us being able to contain their rushing attack or cover Thielen or Diggs in our much ballyhooed man-to-man scheme.

The only way I see us winning this game is if Patricia schemes up something really nice that makes Cousins totally implode. I’ll give that about a 30% chance of happening. Minny is 4th in DVOA - they are super talented and well coached. The type of team I trust in Week 7, and trust zero in the playoffs.

I thinkt the Lions play pissed and come out with revenge in mind. If they can’t clean up the mistakes that they say they need to clean up. then they just are not working hard enough or don’t have enough talent to beat teams.

Although, Dalvin Cook should run for at least 200 yards on the Lions. Just let him get his yards and concentrate on stopping Cousins, Diggs and Thielen. Cousins is not Aaron Rodgers, he is not going to beat anyone unless his receivers are wide open. Watch the games the Vikings lost, Cousins looked like a 3rd rate QB in those games.