Minnys historic win this weekend

I do not like to walk in the past misery of life, but dang…

Lions needed ot win more games, but this game was imho the proverbial dagger in the heart.

"It took a historic comeback for the Vikings to avoid the kind of loss that can crush playoff dreams. Playing a three-win opponent at home, the Vikings needed to become the first team in the past 40 seasons to score a touchdown on every second-half possession and win after trailing by at least 20 points at halftime, per Elias Sports Bureau data. "

if they would have lost like they should have !! :slight_smile:

we be able to give up one more loss this yr… not now - we have to go undefeated baby!

Did you happen to catch the last play from that game?

Hope they take the division from GB

Yikes. This is supposed to be one of the tells that they call, too.


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