Mock has Lions getting Young at 3, Eason at 31

This is an interesting mock. I would be VERY happy with this. The Lions getting premium value. Fans should be doing cart wheels if this is how the draft shakes out. It would show that Quinn might finally get it.


You like Eason? He’s basically Stafford

Based on what? They’ve both won the same amount of meaningful NFL games?

Sometimes size and combine numbers don’t always relate. There are guys who end up being “winners”. Guys who have passion, demand perfection, etc.

Brees was a midget, Brady was out of shape, but what they had was a winning attitude, an incredible work ethic and a desire for perfection. They kept trying to get better well in into their 30s. They made their teammates better. I don’t know if Eason is that type of guy, but I know who isn’t after a dozen years of evaluation.

I do like the QB pick. I just happen to like Jalen Hurts a little more. I think the guy is being undervalued.

Hurts is a leader. Obviously handles adversity well…and has skills.

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Based on their strengths and weaknesses, not their numbers

It’s really hard to try and translate that before a single snap is played. Some guys are super coachable. They learn, adapt, get much better at the pro level. Some guys are just the same as they have always been. Some guys have great numbers but are busts like Ryan Leaf. Some guys are undersized without huge arms and become hall of famers.

I have no clue on Eason. Heck, Burrow could end up being a bust for all I know, but I think it’s WAY past time that this organization tries to address that position and legit invest in a potential franchise QB for the next 10-15 years. Good teams do it all the time. Why does the worst team in NFL history think its cool to not do this?

I would be pretty damn okay with that. This is the perfect time to get a QB in a situation like that and if we don’t give up too much…yea, I like it.

I don’t think Eason has near the same degree of creativeness that Stafford does. I think we underrate how good Stafford is off script bc he’s not a great athlete.

I’d hate using up that much draft capital on Eason.

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I wouldn’t mind as I like Eason, but I still think it is 1 year too soon with Stafford’s contract the way it is. He is still costly next year … 19M dead money. Now if we get a couple nice picks and have a cheap QB with Eason under the new CBA deal, it could work out.

The way things sit I am hoping for a RB (Dobbins) in the second after we snag Young in the first.

Ooof, me too. I think Eason is one of the worst decision-makers in the class. He’s a major stay-away for me.

Yea, not a big fan of this trade up to get a backup quarterback. They usually don’t keep 3 quarterbacks on the roster and I think cutting the backup they just signed costs them a decent amount towards dead $ this year. I like Hurts a lot later on and save the draft capital.

I’m not against investing in the QB position… I just thought it unusual that a critic of Stafford’s flaws liked the pick of a QB who has the same flaws

Zero chance a win-now GM spends 2 critical picks on a QB when they have their guy at $40 plus million over the next two years.

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Herbert & Eason are my two favorite QB’s in this Draft …

My only issue is with the two pick investment to land Eason …I take Herbert at #3 if the Lions plan is to draft a QB first round and Tua (a Miami target) was taken at #2 negating a trade down to #5 if as I do and would want Herbert .

If Eason was the target though and in the mix as this mock suggests. I trade down with Miami to #5 so they take Herbert at #3 get the extra #1st and #2nd round picks and then trade back in as they suggested here .

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All true …and neither would have accomplished winning here with the Lions and these statements made about them would never be made because winning is a a variable you give weight.
The statements about them come from winning in spite of not having overwhelming physical attributes or arm talent .While also dismissing that what they do have and possess not being attributes that elevate non Elite Coaches and overall team play . Neither has ever done squat with out the Coach or overall team play being top notch .

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Eason won’t last that long IMO.

I hate the idea of drafting Eason or any other QB. At all, any round. Unless the Lions know that Stafford is going to retire soon, they have too many other issues to deal with, such as CB, LB, DT, DE, RG, WR, and RB. I very much doubt Quinn would do that, he needs to win big in this next draft or he’s probably gone come January.

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Unless Stafford wants out, I don’t see the Lions having any other QB under center for quite some time. Drafting Eason here makes very little sense, considering there are actual holes that we need to fill


As long as the Lions get Young at #3 they could take all long snappers the rest of the 6 rounds and I would still be excited.


I think it would be a wasted pick But at least iggy put names out I liked Stoney’s trade down idea an he took Brown at pick 6 I would take Kinlaw

Your anti Stafford is showing again It would be a wasted rd 2 pic.

I would rather do the Stoney move an take a OT 35 to work learn behind Decker.
Your rushing to get rid of a QB many here decided they don’t like an willing to burn a second rd pick.

Same people who say a CB is wasted pick at #3 By way I think the money number is wrong in article but it suits the anti Stafford people