Mock has Lions trading with Carolina and getting a haul

Interesting mock.
What do you think Lions fans. Would you be happy with this?

Here are the trade details:

Carolina sends :

2020 Round 1 (No. 7 overall)

2020 Round 2 (No. 38 overall)

2021 Round 1

2021 Round 4

2022 Round 2

Detroit sends :

2020 Round 1 (No. 3 overall)

Lions draft

7th pick - S Jeff Okudah, Ohio State

35th Pick - OL Lloyd Cushenberry IIII, LSU

38th Pick - S Xavier McKinney, Alabama

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I’d like to discuss this as well.

A ton of mocks have the Lions drafting a safety in the first 3 rounds. This kinda pisses me off too. We sent Diggs packing and now we need safeties? We have enough holes that we shouldn’t be creating them. Personally I’m not opposed to drafting a safety but I am opposed to doing it early again this year.

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On this subject I am of the opinion that the Lions do not need a Safety, so no clue why mocks keep saying that they do. THey have 2 good young guys who are getting their feet under them and WIlson as the experienced vet. Any other safety would most likely just be for ST, so if the Lions do draft one I can not see it being earlier then day 3.

While I would love to see the Panthers make an offer like that, I just do not believe that is a reasonable trade at this time. Looks like it is too Lions heavy.

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Keep in mind Wilson is a FA but I’d like to see him back to be honest.

I also wouldn’t be shocked if our DC brought a veteran DB or two in that he’s more familiar with.

This draft does seem to have some safety depth to it so I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting a player to compete for the last roster spot. But I am opposed to going Safety before round 5.