Mock says Laviska Shenault WR 2nd pick Thoughts?

Looks big and fast. Out of Colorado.
6’-2”, 220 pounds

Solid player.

This years draft has some good WR talent in it much like last years did. But if you noticed last draft … that there was a run on WR’s in round two? As a result I think this year the Lions can hold off until round 3 before selecting a WR. It’s a deep class and someone will make it to our 3rd pic.

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I would love it, some years he would be the first receiver of the board, he’s a major talent. Some injury concerns or he’d be one of the first receivers off the board this year too.

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KJ Hill or Van Jefferson please

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I’d fill WR in free agency. Save the first few draft picks for building a respectable defense.

According to DJ, this is the best WR class he’s seen. My guess is there will be a few go in the 1st and then a run on them go in the 2nd. If it’s a deep as DJ says, we should be in good position to grab a potential starter in round 3.

I’m more concerned about his route running to be honest. I think he will be a good NFL player and I like his versatility but I really feel the Lions need a great rout runner and that’s not his strong suit.

If we reup Golladay than I hope we wait till round 3 or later to address WR. Preferably a solid route running type like KJ Hill or Tyler Johnson maybe. However if we trade down and stock pile draft picks than I think WR and RB come into play with our second pick.

If we do not extend Golladay than I think we have to go WR in round two or look towards FA.

I really like the kid from TCU on day 2, if we go that direction. He’d be a nice compliment to what we have. KJ Hill would be a good slot guy too. Not flashy, but gets the job done.

Quinn has not done a good job at plucking players from deep position groups since he got here. I have little faith that he’ll do something smart.

Shenault has a little Deebo to his game. I like it.

It’s a deep class and last years was as well. This years draft has both depth and top shelf talent too.

A ton of teams went WR in round two last draft.

So many teams drafting WR last draft makes me think that this years draft will have great WR value in late round two to early round 3.

I think it’s the right year to draft a WR. So I’m hoping we do.

I like Reager too. He’s a home run hitter for sure. We definitely could use more speed so I’m not opposed but I really think we need a chain mover more than a deep threat type. There’s several WR’s in this draft who can do both but we would have to get them early.

FYI - I actually think this years draft is stronger than last years draft. But we could see some great talent drop in the draft similar to 2017’s draft.

Last years draft had 2 WR’s go round 1 - total of 9 WR’s went in the first two rounds and 13 by the end of round 3.

2 - round 1
6 - round 2
2 - round 3
Total - 10

3 - round 1
3 round 2
8 round 3 Golladay was one if those 8.
Total 14

4 - Round 1
3 - Round 2
2 - Round 3
Total 9

We have an interesting situation at WR. Amendola is gone IMO. Should we try and re-sign Kearse, for me it’s a yes. We still have Marvin Hall under contract, he averaged 37.3 ypc in limited action but clearly a guy who can stretch the field. Marvin Jones is in the last year of his contract so we have a need at possible 2 positions, slot, and then next season a #2 WR. I like Chase Claypool for our big slot player. Too bad we didn’t take Allen Lazard when he was available, 2 time first team All Big 12 and couldn’t get a job until Rogers lobbied for him. At 6’5" and 227 he’s played both slot and outside at Notre Dame. If he’s still on the board in the 4th, he’s my pick.

While I don’t want to draft a wr in 1-3, with a trade down if someone fell, I’d be all over them. In a draft this deep at WR, I think you have to grab one, especially with Amendola likely to leave. They are comparing Shenault to Samuels from SF, a twitchy, thick, durable slot - yes please. I think we’ll see more offensive players drafted than people anticipate, especially with a trade down. WR, OG, RB and possibly OT, although I think FA RB Jordan Howard is definitely a possiblity.

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I’m a big fan of Shenault. This class of WR is so deep that we will likely have a 1st round talent available for us at that position @ the top of round 2. If not Shenault then maybe a guy like Tee Higgins or Jalen Raegor.

That’s true, but as you saw last year, we can get a guy like Amendola for a reasonable price in free agency. #3 WRs aren’t hard to find. In fact, we can probably upgrade from DA in free agency.

If somehow we ended up with TWENTY-FOUR draft picks over a 2 year span like Cleveland recently had, then by all means, add that WR in the 2nd or 3rd round, but here we are sitting on a standard amount of picks again, coming off 2 terrible seasons, and we wonder why our rebuild has taken 60 years plus and counting.

No excuses, but to be fair, we also had an exorbitant number of starters injured and miss extended time. Again, injuries don’t excuse the Lions season, but with that many injuries a regression from any team is likely. As far as Amendola money, 4.5 mil/year, a rookie will save you roughly 4 mil. If 4 mil is no big deal pay Slay and extend him 2 years.

It’s always a good year to draft a WR. :slight_smile:


In the back of my mind I have this nagging thought that if these guys are in “win now or lose my job” mode, they just might look to land the biggest impact players in the draft. IMO, getting a guy like Jerry Jeudy (Juedy?) may not be the highest priority, but it would probably have the biggest impact on win/loss IMHO. We’d simply have to keep Stafford healthy and outscore the other guy. That dude can flat out get open. He would keep drives alive that died last year again IMHO.

You have to look at the biggest impact player in that top 10. Starting immediately. Who is that guy?

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Fair points. I don’t totally disregard the injuries, but a few of them like Daniels and Flowers were damaged goods before we signed them, so it shouldn’t be used as an excuse.

As for a rookie vs Amendola, Deebo was drafted #4 in the 2nd round last year, and his contract went 1.4MM against the niners cap last year. So, there was about a 3 million dollar difference between him and Danny. Not that significant. Especially when you consider Quinn sat all year on almost 20 million dollars of unspent funds, like a moron.

I’m also on board with giving Slay 2 more years, but not 2 more years on top of next year.