Modify name options

Looking at wanting to modify or change my name. Can I do that within my profile somewhere? Or do I have to give up all my stuff like my “reg.” Member status and simply start over from scratch?

Thanks I’m advance!!

I refuse to call you “sordid”. So forget it.

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That’s kind of a sucky name, too.

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Lol - didn’t think that Avenue thru!!

It’s going to be DeadDog …

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Cool! We can call you “Double D’s”.

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Abject was always a biblical reference but not directly …

So, upon joining my riding club in 2019, Broken Chains, I had to come up with my own name: prayed on it and there it was in one of my daily readings I do!!

So I want to a-line all my sites with that…

But, being totally selfish, I want keep my history here if possible… just not seeing it myself so I figure to ask for help.

So, double d’s are out?

I can’t tell you what or what not to say lol