Movie: Richard Jewell

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s still weird for me to see Paul Hauser in movies. I remember him when he was just a kid. It’s neat to see him do so well for himself. He followed a dream and achieved it.

He was great in the Black Klansman

I am going to take my kids to see that and also no safe spaces.

5 minute mark Dan. Important words. I thought of you.

Adam Carolla is a total joke. I’m a bit surprised at your support TBH.

In a good way. The Pod Father.

In a good way if you’re into racists and bigots, sure.

I have never heard him say anything racist, but I do not subscribe to his podcasts or anything ether.

I highly recommend doing some research. There’s plenty out there – it’s even got it’s own category on his wikipedia.

I used to listen to his pod, but never again.

Edit: speaking of research, I just did some reading on Dennis Prager. OOF CITY.

I wouldn’t trust him for directions across the street. What a bucket of blatant misinformation.

Gotta love how they’re busting OUT of the university on the poster. :roll_eyes:

Did some reading on the movie too. Double yikes. The unmitigated stupidity to some of their points makes me feel stupider for even reading.

Yeah, I like him a lot. Really smart dude with a lot of wisdom. Speaks 5 languages and has lived in many different places around the world.
I like many of his positions and how he relies on history to get to his positions.

Good luck with that.

I won’t need luck to watch a movie or read a book. I am well versed in life. I’m prepared.

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I’m a big believer in access and diversity. I’ll check the film out. My kids are too little though. Had to go to Frozen II instead

Yes, I was thinking of some of our previous discussions and the folks you work with.
That age group.

There needs to be a natural curiosity in people too. I try to read just as many books and views that I disagree with as I agree with. Whether it’s political, economic, legal, novels (which I hated my whole life but my wife has pushed me to read) or just life itself. I want my kids to have a curiosity.


Not at all what I meant, but thanks for the resume! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For good reason. They are making a point.

Interested in seeing this myself.

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I got what they were trying to do pdono. It doesn’t make the poster any better lol.

I’m glad this thread got into some other movies, because the one I just saw on Tuesday doesn’t deserve its own thread. Black Christmas was a bad movie and I’d recommend staying away. There are many things wrong with it. But what I dislike the most is something I’ve seen in other films. Its like they have a certain pace and detail for 3/4 of the movie, but then they were told by the money people to “wrap it up” so they jamb a bunch of stuff in a halfass manner to end the movie. The second reason is its a dumb plot line and execution of the plot line. And again, as its building up for the first 3/4 of the movie its “okay,” but then when they bring it home to end the movie…its really dumb.

He did a great job and the movie is very good. This shows the many issues we still have in law enforcement on all levels.