MP - Scales back to help his D play faster

Anything that helps our slow Defense play faster can’t be bad … right?

There’s an interesting take in this article.

One of the first might be paring down the number of defensive packages the team utilizes. Through four games, the team has rolled out 121 different lineup combinations.

the three teams with the fewest lineup combinations — Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Tennessee — all happen to be top-10 scoring defenses.

Could it be that simple? Is MP and his defense trying to do too much?

I took something else from the article too. Players are talking about not trusting each other and overthinking too much… that’s what poorly coached teams do.

This week MP has said that they need to improve consistency and he’s going to simply things to do it.

I learned in college that Repetition is key to being more reactive. Our coach would run the same plays over and over and over until he was satisfied everyone was doing their job correctly.

Look at GB. Their one of the best in the league at screen passes. This comes from repetition. It’s clear they work on it a lot.

At this point I’m skeptical of MP having any capacity to right the defensive ship. Hopefully I’m mistaken but I don’t think I am.

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This is something he should have done last year, so to me this suggests that he either feels or knows he is on the hot seat and is pulling out all stops

I agree that this will help. But the players are not good enough to overcome schematic flaws. There needs to be variance to their pass rush. Flowers is not a good enough pass rusher to just rush from the RDE spot. They rarely run stunts or twists. They are not fast enough to blow by OL. Nor are they powerful enough to push OL into the QB. This is just a bad scheme. Period. They should do more zone-blitzing when you have a less than dominant DL and LBs.

IF Patricia teaches them the RIGHT thing to do, and they do that over and over…it should be a good thing… but this baby steps shit should have been done long ago.

We demand and we forget: players and coaches are human folks

We have had a new DC and scheme adjustments 2 of the last 3 yrs. like it or not you’d struggle yourself with all that change as well as personnel changes added.

Pro or amateur: playing with confidence is a game to game, play to play thing. You work on it as much if not more than technical scheme and position placement etc…

Trust is also day to day and game to game…

One of the biggest “struggles” at any level of play is the heart… “why” am I playing… fix that and boom!

Go research Dr Cook sports physiologist about this… he worked with the Spurs when they win the championship as well as Nebraska way back when they won the girls volleyball national championship in 1995.

Many are simply blind to the fact that no matter who gifted you are in
Body and mind, if the heart and spirit are not right… you will never truly achieve greatness

Wait a second before you go pinning that on coaching…
If you have Davis crossing your face and filling your gap, what does that do to you?

Bruce Lee said it best …

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

The importance of focused practice leads to a level of proficiency that can be a true asset .

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It’s the coach who put that man in the field.
It’s the coach who’s job it is to coach that out of him if he can’t then the coach needs to bench him and get him off his team.

Problem is MP can’t bench the entire team or he’d have no one to play … that’s a clear indication we have a coaching problem.

I don’t know how anyone could defend this coaching staff at this point.

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This is just more of Patricia passing the buck for his failures onto the players.

In spite of the clear and obvious evidence that his scheme is puke, he always dumps it on the players. “If they could just cover perfectly for 45 seconds, this would work fine!”

Patricia is pretty much the only constant in this sucky defense over the last three seasons.


I’m not defending anyone. There’s a reason Davis hasn’t had his option picked up. There’s a reason his snaps have been reduced. When you talk about players not trusting those around them, Davis is the guy that comes to mind for me. I’ve watched games where Tavai and Jones look mixed up due to what Davis is doing.

You can look at the combinations as a number to begin with and conclude Patricia is literally asking too much. That’s on him. On the specific issue of players trusting those around them, I don’t go straight to the coach except to say that it’s on him to recognize and correct the problems.

Our D is pitiful and predictable and now they are attempting to tell us that the lack of changing up what we were doing was “doing too much.” Give me a break.


Who quoted 121 different combinations? Is that something Matty P put out there or did the reporter put that together?

I have been saying this for weeks. Fast players don’t suddenly get slow. It is a product of complexity and overthinking. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that. How about we work on 20 defensive plays and do them well. Then gradually add more. Kinda have mixed emotions about the defense improving. I don’t like MP. Even if the team does well I doubt I will ever come to like him as a representative of the team…

When Tavai isn’t playing well. Collins isn’t putting any effort up. Can we blame Davis for his play and theirs?

Okudah is underperforming.
Our DL is too. No one can get pressure.
Our WR’s lead the league in dropped passes.
Stafford’s footwork has become a problem.

At some point we have to look towards coaching.

I have a feeling Davis will tear it up after he leaves DET.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone finds a good use for Davis.

Okudah is performing like a rookie Corner
The DL is underperforming, that’s for sure.
Swift and Cephus are leading the effort. Two more rookies.
I don’t know what’s wrong with Stafford.

You can look toward coaching for many things and conclude they’re failing. I have zero issue with that. I’m just saying, and maybe this is self-serving, but I’ve been saying for a long time how Davis on the field is causing confusion. When the local beat-writers quote players as not trusting each other, my mind instantly goes to Davis.

I have to admit that I’ve been pretty disappointed with Davis play. For some reason the kid isn’t getting it. I think back to KVN. I liked KVN coming out. I also like Davis coming out but he wasn’t my top choice and I think we over drafted him.

I think that like KVN that Davis will shine if put into the right position.

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MP should scale-back his caloric intake.

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He should scale back his work schedule. I think he should take the year off and let his assistants run things.

I thought all these ex. Patriots knew his system? So, you’re going to dumb down a system they players already know? Matt Patricia is a idiot. He’s try to play on folks intelligence. The Lions need to can this guys asap. He’s clearly not making any sense