MS out for the Washington game!

im happy with it imho…


Game by game, until the NFL tells them otherwise.

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Time to get a top 5 pick.

Just put him on the shelf already.


I figure he will not play the Turkeyday game. That gives him a week and a half extra. If he’s not ready the game after that, there really is no point in bringing him back unless you believe with every ounce of your being that he is 100%, and that there is no chance of injury.

Next year, #9 comes back healthy, our backup knows the system, and we have plays in for him already, Our DL heals, we get Daniels back really cheap, because of past health, but he shows up healthy. In conjunction, Bryant surprises, while Hand works on raising his ceiling as well. We draft a NASTY DT to plug the middle, end up with ridiculous depth and talent on the DL, we draft a really nice rookie Tackle, and a big, ugly, RB.

Then…time to make a nice 2021 playoff run in preparation for our 2022 SuperBowl appearance!

Go Lions!

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Nice to read this. Our future seasons have always been our best ones!


If this happens, we win the SB next yr baby! Love the positive vibes!!


No doubt. I haven’t been following Washington, and I know they haven’t been having a lot of success, but I spent a lot of time arm chair scouting three of their DT’s and man… Jonathon Allen (likely miscast as a DE for them, should be a 3t), Deron Payne and my boy Tim Settle were all beasts as I recall. There are quite a few others on that defenses that are tough outs, but I really liked Allen and Settle. Not sure how they are doing in the league, but not unhappy Stafford is sitting this one out.

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Although a top 5 pick would be nice. I don’t see us losing to Washington

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The risk - Reinjuring the back or suffering an even worse injury due to rushing back. Time missed in the offseason program getting ready for next year.

The reward - Stafford pads his numbers in yet another losing season for the Lions that does not result in winning the division or making the playoffs.

Is the reward worth that risk?

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Should it?

Sounds about right. Our super bowl run will be 2022 and the players will be on strike.

Tickets for this game are starting at $5.

I wouldn’t bet anything on it if I were you. We have a bunch of starters out for this game. At this point I am counting no chickens (wins) at all.


The Lions finished last with him…they can finish last without him.

I want to see an evolution of the plays for our backup and his mobility …

I really want him to go out light it the F up :crazy_face::pray::boom:


I corrected it for you…

I’ll never bet in the Washington football team but man it’s tempting to make some easy money.

I wonder if you put down $100 against the Lions every week, how much money you’d have made by now?

The Redskins are especially bad this season, so I’m not sure how “easy” the money would be. The team is completely inept on offense. This game reminds me a lot of the Cardinals game last year. The Redskins are 1-9 with their 1 win being a narrow victory vs the Dolphins.

The Lions are 4-6 against the spread this year.
You would be up $185 this year.

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