Multiple TE sets

It looks like this year the Lions are going to add a new dimension to their offense that could cause problems for some of the defenses they will face. The link below talks about using 2 or even 3 TEs to gain an advantage running the ball or throwing it, if your TEs are good enough. It’s worth the read IMHO.


“The main advantage of playing with extra tight ends in the modern game is the ability to be multiple in play-calling against specific defensive personnel,” Kelly said in his article. “This only works if the tight ends are well-rounded, with the ability to be effective in both the pass and run game.”

This was the main appeal of the Lions aggressively targeting Hockenson and James as their skill set allows the team to have success in both the run and pass game.

“The general idea is this,” Kelly continued, “enter the game with 12, 13 personnel or even 22 personnel for a particular play. If the defense counters with the modern ‘base’ personnel that includes 5 defensive backs, then they’ll be relying on those defensive backs to fit and fill against the run. Therefore, defenses are likely to counter with an extra linebacker or two in order to be more stout against the run. However, this may leave the defense vulnerable against passing looks. If those tight ends are capable pass catchers, there is likely to be one too many matchups that the offense can exploit. On top of that, defensive players are intuitively more likely to bite on play-action looks when heavier sets are inserted into the game.”


So finally the offense can be masked a little. It’s not just Stafford in the shotgun with a cast back in pistol


I’m loving the direction we’re headed with the offense… I love really good TE play, I’ve been wishing for a good (two way) TE since Charlie Sander’s days…two effective TEs in todays NFL should be very fun to watch.

I agree. 2 TE can create mismatches just like other formations, but it certainly should help the running game.

Hoping we can sustain drives and score TD’s in the red zone.

If Roberts rises to the competition, entering his 3rd year and all with last year injured and a system that is more TE friendly, we might have 3. Hopefully we can spread around the targets…

Im kinda torn on Roberts, he isnt the most athletically gifted, but he has some skill, im just not convinced that he can become as consistent as he needs to be to make this roster. Im thinking we carry four TEs, so maybe that will work in Roberts favor. Nauta is the wild card. If he can get some separation in the passing game and can still block a little bit, Roberts days may be numbered.

Little bird tells me Nauta might be finding the IR. Red shirt.

That’s what I was thinking.

Yeah, that makes the most sense. Unless Roberts can’t get out of his own way in training camp…even then Nauta has a huge hill to climb to make the opening day roster. I would hate to see the Lions try to hide him on the PS.

I saw in a Detroit Lions article already he’s sitting out drills nursing injuries. If that’s not foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

Yeah, I hate the “hide him on PS” trick.