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Yeah, we need a younger Tate-like WR again. It was great when we had Tate and Riddick and Matt could throw short passes that these guys would turn into bigger plays.
I don’t know if Waddle is as shifty as he is just flat-out fast, kind of very similar to Ruggs.

It doesn’t help either when you take TE’s at 8OA and CB’s at 3OA when practically no else does.

You have to get the best draft value for those early picks.

BQ doesn’t seem to grasp that concept.

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I almost mentioned Dazz. He’s super fun to watch as well. It’s a little bit counterintuitive bc you don’t think about it due to him being a California kid, but the thing I love about St. Brown is he’s tough as nails. Strong kid too. Definitely not a burner. Reminds me of Steve Smith though he’s not quite the blazer that a young Mighty Mouse was.

I think Jalen Tolbert is a really interesting day three guy. I could definitely see him making a good pro.

In today’s NFL free agency world, you need to take guys that can contribute right away. You need quality starters on the cheap. 1st and 2nd round guys are those guys. Give me a guy that can start right away vs a guy that “might” develop in 3 years.

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The chances and “we’ll see” that the Lions do, you do on Day 3 of the draft; not in the 2nd round.

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Yo nice to see you again West Coast !!! don’t be a stranger bro…

At what point does Zach Wilson enter the elite QB prospect conversation. Not sure that he would come out and BYU hasn’t played the best competition but damn does he look good.

Yeah… I think most of us would have done better. The guys I wanted at the time…

taylor decker
Michael thomas

Delvin cook
Zach cunningham

Harold landry
Darius guice - can’t win em all.

Brian burns
Dk metcalf

Trade down… if not okudah.
Aj epenesa

I’d take him over Trask, for sure, and maybe Lance. I think he winds up top 15 whenever he comes out.

Yep - that’s a good take on the intention of my post. Just can’t be reaching for randos in low-value positions with high draft picks. Save that stuff for the sixth round and take guys that have a reasonable chance of contributing.

Mac Jones is really, really good too. Every time I watch him I’m more impressed.

Yeah he’s looked great but definitely a statue in the pocket. A bit of a throwback that way, and I think guys who struggle to escape the pocket will be drafted later and later. It’s already happening to an extent with guys like Eason and Rudolph. Haskins and Rosen went high without movement skills and look how that’s turned out.

But those guys had leadership and football character red flags. Reading what his Alabama teammates say about Jones it sounds like they’d run through a brick wall for him.

Rudolph is an interesting comp but I think Jones is more talented passer. Though I did think Rudolph was a decent prospect coming out.

I agree though that mobility/athleticism is sky rocketing up the list of traits that NFL teams are looking for in quarterbacks.