My draft wishes

Trade back from 3 get a 1 and 2. Draft Yetur Gross-Matos DE at 1 Dobbins at 2 and Raekwon Davis DT at 2nd number 2. Antoine Winfield 3rd.

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How far down would the Lions drop in order to pick up an extra 2nd? I’d rather see them get DT Derrick Brown in the 1st or maybe Javon Kinlaw. I would not draft Dobbins in the 2nd, instead I would take a CB unless they get Okudah in the 1st. My extra 2nd round pick would be an OT, cuz I think in 2021 Wagner and Decker will both be gone. My 3rd round pick would depend on who they sign in FA, but Edge, LB, WR, OG, and S would be good.


I think he’s close and I would most definitely take a RB in there .

Mine would be
1st DT Jovan Kinlaw
2nd RB Jonathan Taylor
2nd CB Travon Diggs
3rd LB/DE Afernee Jennings

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Any edge rusher worth anything will be gone before pick #050. So that kind of limits your round flexibility. I think there are some FA you could bring in and just go BPA. That will play out. I have to say those first two picks should probably be either playmakers (DE’s, CB, OLB/edge, WR, or OT) or the best two defensive players we can grab. That’s my take.

Could that dropped cookie Stafford threw to the Cardinals D-Back, which was a gift wrapped pick 6, end up being the single play from last year that keeps us from drafting Chase Young? If that tie was a L, aren’t we drafting #2?

Unless Diggs has a bad combine I do not think he will make it out of round 1 but I’d love to get him in round two if it’s possible.

Yeah I agree , but I just see him dropping for what ever reason in some drafts. But if he is there I like him and think he fits good in our man scam.

Definitely a good fit and if we don’t take Okudah in round 1 I’m hoping we can get Diggs in round two.

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I would go WR before RB but a CB I like a lot is Jeff Gladney He would be my rd 2 pick.

I am leaning towards Kinlaw a lot.

1st DT Jovan Kinlaw
2nd CB Jeff Gladney
2nd Now I would look WR before RB

Dude - you love to live in the past…, bad way to go brother!!

We have the 3rd… period. The reality of today. What do we do with it is all that matters now.

Love ya brother!!

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I think Diggs is a better prospect but I think Gladney goes a lot higher than mocks are projecting. His speed, range and athleticism are a nice combination. He kinda reminds me a little of Darius Slay but he’s a better tackler than Slay. My biggest concern with him is that TCU ran a lot of 4-2-5 but kept two deep safeties who played cover two zone. So Gladney always has a Safety over the top to protect him. So you would think he’d make more plays on the ball. But he didn’t. I also think he’s better suited for a team who mostly plays off ball zone. He’s not physical enough for my taste in press man coverage. I think Diggs is the better fit for what MP wants to do.

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i thought Taylor wasnt declaring. Otherwise im all for this.

I’ve been counting on that trade down, but I go with Miami for their 5, 39 and 70, which is 250 points in our favor, gives them their QB in Tua and they still have another first round pick then start back in round 4. Not too painful IMO. Especially when if you are Miami’s GM you are probably assuming that we are talking to the Chargers about moving ahead of you. I’d go maybe something like this:

  1. Okudah CB
    2a. McKinney S
    2b. Swift RB
    3a. Strowbridge DE
    3b. Brooks LB
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The Lions have several positions that need to be addressed:

OT, RB, WR, QB, (TE)

I put TE in a different spot as this is a weak TE draft and they will get overdraft.

I see the Lion addressing 2-3 spots in FA and expect them to TD and get 4-5 picks in the first 3 rounds. That is the vast majority of those positions. There can be any combination available, but FA will determine the direction. There is a business factor in putting too many resources in certain positions which may come into play"

DT - no big money tied up here (Snacks?)
ER - Flowers is on a big deal.
CB - Slay will be on a big deal and Coleman is on a big deal.
OT - Decker and Walker are paid well, but cuts are possible.
WR - Golladay will be on a big deal, Marvin is reasonable.
RB - no big deals here.
LB - Kennard on a moderate deal.

Looking at the business side it appears that DT and LB are spots that certainly do not have much money appropriated. CB already has quite a commitment and ER would give the Lions two high priced options. WR, RB and OT would be spots that work in transition. If you could get Slay on a nice 3 yr deal where he comes off when Okudah gets paid, it could work. Things get difficult when you have too many resources tied up in a position group. I could see options with the Lions starting with Young/Epenesa, Okudah, Brown/Kinlaw, Simmons, Jeudy in the first. Best guess:

FA - DL Armstead/Jones/McCoy/Suh, CB Harris

TD #3-5 + 26 + 3rd + 2nd/2021
TD #5 - #7 or #9 + 2nd + 3rd in 2021
TD #37 - #47 + 3rd

  1. LB Simmons - upgrade with flexibility, versatile Starter
  2. OT Becton - Starter over Wagner
  3. RB Dobbins - Starter/Rotation
    #40. ER Chaisson - Rotation
  4. S Winfield - Starter/Rotation
  5. QB Eason - Depth
    4th WR Hill - Rotation/Developmental
    5th G Onwenu - Depth
    5th P BPA
    7th LS BPA

The cap is so fluid in the NFL that teams can basically do what they want. There are certain ways to gain advantages and the rookie wage scale has become another weapon.

I can tell you what my draft wishes aren’t. I do not want to draft a QB, RB, or TE. At all. We don’t need a TE this year, and the Lions can sign FAs for a backup QB and an RB to fit into the RBBC. Might be different if they had a decent defense and OL, but they don’t and that’s where they better use their pics IMHO. I think it would be beyond ridiculous to draft an RB or QB before the 5th round when they need to improve in some many other positions, like OT, OG, and WR on offense and DT, Edge, LB, CB, and Safety on defense.

I like a lot of those guys. Yetur Gross-Matos though, I’m not seeing it like some others.

I want the Lions to add a difference maker first and foremost. A player that opposing teams have to game plan for. A player that demands our opponents attention.

With that said my first choice is a stud defensive player like Young.

However I do believe that Jeudy and Lamb are the type of WR’s that can push an offense from good to great. They will demand double coverages. They are chain movers on 3rd and long. I also believe that a stud RB could also push our offense into the next level. I firmly believe that had the Lions had a better run game they would have won a lot of the close games they lost last year.

When I think of who we could draft in round two and the “immediate impact on the team” that our second round pick can have. Then I think who might be available at that pick. I think RB and WR would have the greatest immediate impact on the team.

2nd round possibilities to me are DL, OG, OT, LB, CB, WR and RB.