My mock with chase young at 3 while we still trade with mia

  1. Chase young de osu
    2n lions trade 35 to mia for 56 70 141
  2. L.cushenberry g-c lsu
    67clyde edwards_ helaire rb lsu
    70.donovan people jones wr mich
    85.bryce hall cb virginia
    109 leki fotu dt utah
    141 shane lemiux g oregon
    156.stanford samuels cb floria state
    176.quintez cephus wr wis
    186.anfernee jennings lb alabama
    235. Jared pinkey te vanderbilt.

Out of all the WR you take DPJ.

Imho dpj is the best number 2 wr (at 67-70) does everything well (not great ) and with the pick of cephus this has the makings of a very good.number 2 and 3 wr which would clear about 12 million of cap space next year (letting jones and amodola go) that is my thinking on those picks

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Think it thru though. DPJ was on a team with a dumb ass coach that preferred to hand the ball off to a fullback or throw to his mediocre back up tight end then use his talented WRs.

The same team that brought in a QB guru as a coach, who then spent the last 5 years with the QB position being the biggest disaster on the team.

If DPJ played in the Big 12, Pac 12, SEC or literally anywhere but Michigan, his production is likely off the charts. He played with a coach that wants to play football from 1963. Who would rather go 3 yards and a cloud of dust, while the rest of the country scores 35 points just by showing up. In a pass happy, wide open brand of college football, the WRs and passing game for Michigan was ignored, because the coach, the scheme and the QBs have been sub par.

DPJ will be a good get for someone. Top 100? I dunno, but he was not showcased at Michigan at all. He was another WR that was wasted.

Still there a ton of wr we can get who are way better in round 3. I think we should get to wrs by round 6, cause we have zero signed for next year.

What wr do think will be there in round 3 thats a better fit then dpj?

I dunno. I think DPJ might not be such a sleeper. Again, if he played for a pass first team, he may have gotten real exposure. I think good scouts will know what he has talent wise, and how much he was wasted in college.

2 of Michigan’s better WR talents just bailed on the program because Harbaugh is a clueless fool when it comes to offense at the college level today. DPJ is going to be one of those guys that flew under the radar in college, but ends up a long lasting plus WR in the NFL for years.

I would prefer Hill, Johnson,Hamler, Pittman Jr, and claypool

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Lotta good talent there, no doubt. Hamler is someone I am very intrigued with. Feel like he will be a sick talent or a special teams player, no in between. Just has that feel to me.

Tons of WR talent. Let’s just see if BQ gets a player or two.

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I liked hamler also and would take him instead of dpj didnt think he would be there. I could live with Claypool. Dpj i feel has moore upside.i like johnson also his comparison is goliday so he. Could be awsome just seen dpj as a safer pick

Pittman and claypool will both be gone by 70

No love for Duverney?

Please not DPJ!