My reason for optimism for this team

After having a few days to let the situation marinate, I’ve come to a healthier way to view this team and what happened. We’ve gotten screw jobs before. But in the past it literally only took 1 or 2 calls to completely sink this team. Hell, there are some really bad calls that many Lions fans don’t even remember because they happened earlier in the game and the team got blown out instead of responding.

Fast forward to the MNF game. We didn’t get just 1 or 2 bad calls. We got a systematic series of bad calls. The Packers scored less than 10 points on their own, with the other drives being extended due to timely penalties for them. And they literally needed every single one of those bad calls in order to win the game. Change just 1 of them, and we probably win. Change 2 of them and we definitely win. So “only” 5 or so bad calls and we still beat what is supposed to be a good Packers team…in Lambeau.

If the league wants to screw us out of games, I think we finally have a team that can overcome it and still win football games. They pushed all of their chips to the middle to make sure the Packers took this game, and have now overplayed their hand. I don’t think they can really plan on having another game with THIS many clearly bad calls.


I agree.

To me the Minny game is gonna tell the story

If we beat Minny Sunday I believe we are gonna make the playoffs. We lose that…then I don’t see it


Other thing is, this team is quite a bit better than last year’s. They still have shortcomings, like running the ball and stopping the run, but other than that, not too bad. They have the occasional bad throw or dropped pass or whiffed block or missed tackle, but those things happen to every team and you have to overcome it. Same with the refs, and it ain’t easy on someone else’s field and/or how many times you get screwed. BUT - this team does’t quit, they seem to be mentally tougher and actually expect to win. IOW, the SOL concept is DEAD.


I agree. We are actually playing ahead in these games. We’re not needing miraculous comebacks. We’re in control of much of these games.

We need to figure out the red zone offense. Its killing us. Usually with a new offense, the red zone is that last area to see improvement. But were into the season now and I want to see some improvement. Granted, some of it is simply not making plays. You can’t drop good passes in the end zone. But in other cases we are struggling to smash it in inside the 5. Or even the 1.

This definitely doesn’t feel like SOL. It actually feels like we have a good coach and a good system this time around.

Minny is going to be tough though.


It’s frustrating because this offense should be successful in the red zone.

What’s holding it back? The run game. There is simply not enough fear of it inside opponents’ 20 to make it easier to use play action and get some of those big bodies posted up in the end zone.

I’m not sure what’s up with KJ, but it should looks like the interior OL is not give him many opportunities. That has to change is this is to be a dangerous team down the stretch. Hopefully they figure it out. I’m not sure what they’re seeing when they look at the OL tape, but it’s not pretty so far.

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Kerryon needs to hold onto the damn ball. 2 huge fumbles in close losses…generally unforced.


True that. I’m not worried about him mentally, though, and fumbles are mostly mental errors. But until I see the pre-injury KJ I’m going to be worried about whether he’s damaged goods now or not. Hopefully he breaks out this Sunday. Though the Vikes will be very tough, sometimes the outcomes are very counterintuitive, I suppose because teams have so many moving parts and when the bullets fly anything can happen.

If TJ would stop dropping TD’s it would be a huge help as well. Im giving him a pass for being a rookie, but once he learns how to secure a catch he’s a future All Pro.

@wesleysh21 Compltely agree! With this, in conjunction with the KC game, it feels like we are either turning, or have already turned the corner. I feel like we can play with anyone in the NFC. I agree that it’s unlikely that we get raped by the officials like that any time again soon. Maybe one or two bad calls, but it’s ultimately making our team better.

MNF was some of, if not the single worst officiated game I have ever seen, in terms of lop-sided. No way that was just poor officiating. That shit was intentional. Looking forward to a nice win streak, starting Sunday!

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Kerryon and TJ has hurt us some with untimely lapses in concentration. I’m sure they are working on it being young players. But we need those guys balling out.

Yes! And teams are going to start targeting him more and punching at the ball more often, knowing that he’s a fumbler. His problem will amplify itself, unless he corrects it immediately. Does he have weak hands? Are the gloves a stupid idea? WTF is going on? Fix it, KJ.

Can you give him a pass for being interfered with, face masked and taking a hand to the face while trying to catch the ball?

Somebody please post the picture of TJ trying to catch that ball again while the guy has a hold of his face mask

No. He had it in his hands and dropped it as he went to the ground. I think hes going to be a great one though.

The guys over at the Detroit Lions Podcast said it best. You can see the plan. You can see the work. You can see what they are trying to do and you can see the progress. They might be one or two pieces away from contention year and year out but they are a good team now and moving in the right direction.


So the Lions weren’t a good team under Caldwell when they had 3/4 winning seasons? We don’t judge teams on wins and losses anymore. Got it.





I hope Lionboy doesn’t see this.

It will destroy his whole narrative about TJ dropping an easy one right in his hands

Truth is it was a miracle that TJ got his hands on it

TJ got up looking for help from the officials. They were saving the “Illegal hands to the face” flags for later, I guess. He was able to catch in the air, but unable to recover from the facemask.


Yeah but the truth goes against the narrative that TJ dropped an easy one right in his hands

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