My reason for optimism for this team

Kerryon and TJ has hurt us some with untimely lapses in concentration. I’m sure they are working on it being young players. But we need those guys balling out.

Yes! And teams are going to start targeting him more and punching at the ball more often, knowing that he’s a fumbler. His problem will amplify itself, unless he corrects it immediately. Does he have weak hands? Are the gloves a stupid idea? WTF is going on? Fix it, KJ.

Can you give him a pass for being interfered with, face masked and taking a hand to the face while trying to catch the ball?

Somebody please post the picture of TJ trying to catch that ball again while the guy has a hold of his face mask

No. He had it in his hands and dropped it as he went to the ground. I think hes going to be a great one though.

The guys over at the Detroit Lions Podcast said it best. You can see the plan. You can see the work. You can see what they are trying to do and you can see the progress. They might be one or two pieces away from contention year and year out but they are a good team now and moving in the right direction.


So the Lions weren’t a good team under Caldwell when they had 3/4 winning seasons? We don’t judge teams on wins and losses anymore. Got it.





I hope Lionboy doesn’t see this.

It will destroy his whole narrative about TJ dropping an easy one right in his hands

Truth is it was a miracle that TJ got his hands on it

TJ got up looking for help from the officials. They were saving the “Illegal hands to the face” flags for later, I guess. He was able to catch in the air, but unable to recover from the facemask.


Yeah but the truth goes against the narrative that TJ dropped an easy one right in his hands

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For sure, not an easy one. Still feel like he should catch it. Not 10 of 10, but 7+. He’ll get better.

Have you ever tried to catch a ball while someone has their hand ON, not in from of, your face???

That was pass interference, facemask and hands to the face all in one play that didn’t get called

I bet if I stood next to you and we had people throw you footballs and right before the ball got there I popped you in the face with the palm of my hand …you could probably catch one out of 10 …maybe

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Not the only td he’s dropped this year. And he still should have caught that one. He lost it when he hit the ground.

I’m not sure if I have or not. I was a TE and MLB my sophomore year in High School. No sure if that ever happened. They didn’t throw to me much. LOL.

You are right about all of this. I would maybe get lucky and catch 2 of 10. I have no size, no talent, and am not a professional football player that was drafted #8 OA.

Golliday is a Lion. Part of what he has to deal with, is exactly what you saw on MNF. He’s gotta learn to make that catch, and I believe he will. I am not Hock…he’s slightly better than me, and the expectations are slightly higher. :wink:

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For sure. It was in his hands alright, which was challenging enough. The takedown-by-facemask was something I hadn’t noticed until just now. Definitely not an easy one there.

I don’t care who you are. Professional or not.
There’s a reason pass interference is supposed to be a penalty …because it makes unfairly difficult to catch the ball even in the Pros

There’s a reason Grabbing the facemask is a penalty and there’s a reason hands to the face is a penalty. That the Packers did them all why our guys were trying to catch the ball and it caused them to “drop” the ball

Pass interference would not be a penalty if it didn’t disrupt the players ability to catch the pass


What you don’t really see, though, is that he was unable to turn his head to see where he was as the db was forcefully shoving his face backwards. He was unable to turn his head to prepare for impact.

I’ll call him Ebron when he deserves. Until I looked at the replay an hour ago, I was of a similar mindset as yourself… yeah, his site was obscured but he had two hands on it… But then I see the replay and see that it’s actually his being taken down by his facemask that leads to the ball coming out.

Have I written something that makes you believe I disagree with any of this? I agree with this 100%. It’s not an either/or situation. Go back and read what I wrote and see if you can find a shred of evidence that suggests I disagree with this.

If you perceive something to be an argument, it will be one to you. Your reality is what you decide it will be.

Same team here, Holmes.

Yeah when it happened at first I was pissed at TJ. Then when I saw what happened I was like well no wonder.

The bottom line is I can never look at a guy who is being interfered with and say he SHOULD have caught the ball. It’s a great play IF a guy catches the ball while being interfered with not something he should be expected to do