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Greetings! I wish that my first post was full of optimism. I have been following this board for a while but decided to finally chime in. I wish there was more good to say in regards to this " team".

I put it in quotes for a reason. Why? Because I’m not seeing this group of guys emulating anything as such. Every week I hear about how they try so hard but I also can hear the inflections within interviews with players and coaches that there is a disconnect that they just wont admit because nobody wants to be that guy.

We can though, no?

I’ve been a fan since the early 80s and I cant say I ever remembered such a disconnect… Even through 2008…Hell, I remember that team fighting through 4 quarters …they just didnt have the talent. I believe this team does have the talent. We can see it in small intervals but never consistently.

The taciturn nature of the Top men is nauseating. UGH! Is this just Patricia’s ridiculous coach speak masking the problem? I believe it is. He certainly doesnt want to hang himself and is taciturn for the right reason for self preservation. I dont like that approach and I feel there needs to be some kind of specific accountability made first in the Locker room and publicly as well. Obviously we dont know the inside conversation so maybe it does happen?

However, Patricia is not Bill Belicheck and his attempt at being tight lipped and guarded is flippin disgusting.

Does anyone feel this way? I want to stab myself in the face every Sunday…or um Thursday…its not healthy to be a Lions fan. I’m 44 but I think this gray in my hair and heart condition are completley the Lions fault for always teasing me and baiting me. But what’s the saying " fool me once? Shame on you…fool me since 1957… ? …FML. ok I’m done haha next time I hope to write something more thought out but this team just has my head spinning and I cant seem to focus on a specific thing because of the shit show it is.

Glad to be here!!! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the whole point is to this post but I just wanted to get involved and put that out there.


Just wanted to say welcome to the board Leo pain

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Thank you!

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Welcome to the board.
It’s mainly the defense, and largely due to injury’s. Our Stars on defense have been out, or playing injured.
Don’t discount the mind fuck in Green Bay, though. When you’re playing injured and get fucked that hard , so hard that the entire country takes notice, but, nothing is done, yet again. At some point, you just say, “what’s the use”.
That’s where I am as a fan.
I’m not getting upset anymore. Just watching the “entertainment”, but, not purchasing anything bearing ANY “NFL” logo.
I’ll watch, but, I will invest nothing!


Welcome to the forum!

And I think you’re at where most of us have landed. We were promised that Patricia was inheriting a playoff team. Instead, we’ve gotten progressively worse. How many times can beat down a fan base before it quits entirely on you? Even our fellow miserable fan bases like the Red Sox have finally seen success – not us. And I agree that it makes matters worse when Patricia and Co. try and force some absurd “New England mentality” with regard to their press remarks. That might hold water when you’re Belichik and have a fist full of Super Bowl rings, but it sure as hell rings hollow coming from anyone else.

The last time I got excited about this team was when Schwartz was the coach. Sure, they were undisciplined and he coached his way out of town, but they were at least fun to watch – on offense and defense.

It’s more and more difficult to follow this team as I get older, and especially as I wise up to the fact that maybe the franchise just isn’t interested in putting forth the effort to actually win a Super Bowl.


Welcome to the board! But using the word “taciturn”, let alone twice, is too high brow for this crowd. Just a suggestion.


Haha! Noted lol

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I taciturned once, when I blew straight through a roundabout in small-town Ireland. I was so upset I had to immediately stop at the next pub and have a Guinness


Thank you, Weasel! Taciturning is highly dangerous it would seem ! Haha




![|32x32]()Learn to pronounce


  1. (of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.

“after such gatherings she would be taciturn and morose”

Well I am going to be taciturn on the OP subject - BUT WELCOME TO THE BOARD!

Lol thanks for the warm welcome, y’all!

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Is he just misspelling take a turn?