Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

Teams fined 250G each too



Rudolph and Pouncey should each get a game as well, IMHO.

I have no sympathy for Garrett. He could have easily split Rudolph’s scalp open with that blow. I was surprised he wasn’t bleeding when I saw how hard Garrett hit him with that helmet.


Pouncey got 3.

I think we got fined more for Gunther saying something to a few reporters then they’re going to get for this debacle.

Rumored that one of the opposing players in this scuffle kneed the other one in the nuts. If that was the motivation for Rudolph to pull off or grab Garrett’s face mask and helmet, I got no problem with it. And, no problem with the NFL fining him. There’s just some things that you have to stand up to.

Looks more like a foot from the above pictures.
It’s not a rumor. There’s photographic evidence, and I’m pretty sure it’s Rudolfs foot!
But, the “Darlings” won’t have to play with their #3 QB. That’s not how today’s NFL works. The NFL will release a statement that says either we’re all ignorant, or that it didn’t happen, or something similarly dismissive, the sports media will pick up that torch and carry it, and the followers will be pacified.


Garrett issued an apology just like the standup guy he’s alleged to be. This played out just like I said it would. Garrett suspended indef.,
Pouncey, suspended three games
Rudolph fined.
That might be it but, I think the NFL will come out with more fines for the participation on the field, I. E., Leaving the bench during a fight.

Rudolph kicked Garrett in the nuts

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Exactly what I said wes. One of them is rumored to have kneed the other. I don’t know which.
Why I said he should be fined. Without your contribution, without knowing who was at fault.

Rudolph should be suspended. Its ridiculous that he’s not.


When I wrestled with the New York state champ, it was during practice, he taught me a slop ride that his coach had told him was effective. it was basically pinch the guys nuts to flatten them out. I never used it. I didn’t think it was fair. But I know this, if you’re fighting 275 pound monster, you kick him in the nuts. Got an asskicking coming anyways, might as well take a shot at taking him out.

Rudolph certainly didn’t instigate this “event” but he certainly accelerated it. He should get more than a fine, if justice was meted out fairly. But that is dependent on the franchise, as we’ve been witness to.

What videos are you watching? He clearly instigated it. He was ripping Garrett’s frickin helmet off his head!!!


Oh, I saw it all in real time and following replays. What I was referring to was the initial hit & tackle by Garrett, which maybe was a bit excessive. But certainly Rudolph accelerated it as I stated by his attempt to rip Garrett’s helmet off in the scrum. His hand wasn’t caught or stuck in it.
Rudolph was no innocent here, deserves time. Plus he’ll get his day in court.

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Ripping someone’s helmet off because you are pissed about losing is not acceptable. That was more than “accelerating” it.

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Complete recitation of events
Rudolph gets hit late evokes response where he kicked at Garrett and pulled his facemask and helmet.
Garrett rips off Rudolph’s helmet and attempts to Crush Rudolph’s skull with it.
Garrett gets his ass handed to him by Pouncey.

Phrase it any way that suits you. Rudolph has always been somewhat of a punk. We agree on the basics, neither reacted in an acceptable way. Pittsburgh is being protected here by the shield.

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Fake news. Garrett pulled his own helmet off. Rudolph tried to do it, but didn’t.

Lem, is
Please give us a link to any publication that has claimed that Rudolph has been a punk, is a punk, or ever engaged in this kind of behavior before.

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