Myles Garrett swingin' for the fences

Think he sits the rest of the year?

:38 of some of the dumbest behavior I’ve seen on the field.

Wish the Lions had the fire of a 1,000 Miles Garretts.


It will very likely be “home fires burning” for the holidays for Myles Garrett. That amount of Fire, If you will, doesn’t have much value if he’s unable to get on the field for the rest of the season due to suspension and then becomes a Target the way that Ndamukong Suh did


Not if it leads to bullshit like what he did tonight.

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He will get all this year and into next, if he is lucky.

He could be banished.

He could be sitting in a jail cell soon.



You wish the Lions had 1000 idiots who commit assault with a weapon on a football field?

The crazy thing about this is that Garrett is known as one of the more laid back guys in the league. If he plays another game this season, the NFL should take some major heat.


Sarcasm missed or not, I would like to see the Lions have the fire in their being to want to put their enemies in a body bag. You know, of course, without the head bashing part.

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Sit Garrett for the rest of the season, give Pouncey a game or so and maybe give Rudolph a fine or at least a stiff talking too. Garrett took it from 0-60 really fast, but Rudolph was sitting there yanking on Garretts facemask after the late takedown.


That’s right up there with OL Conrad Dobler biting guys back in the day…He could have split the QB’s head open, fractured his skull. Amazed the QB didn’t bleed. Look forward to the RETURN MATCH in 2 weeks !!!

LA Sandman


Well, something had to spark commotion with another yawner Thursday.

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Every day, we get closer to the opening scene from the Last Boy Scout


A fair punishment for that ordeal would be:

2 for Myles
1 for Pouncey
1 for Rudolph
1 for the Brown’s DB that was ejected earlier in the game.

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Exactly. But what’s going to happen is Rudolph wont get a damn thing for his part, and people wont say a damn thing about it.

We’ll see. It’s early yet. Let’s see the narrative build today outside of last night’s estrogen-rich booth.

I cannot tell you how genuinely irritated I am with Rudolph. To describe it would require language that I’m committed to no longer using. :zipper_mouth_face:


Somehow you equate stupidity with fire.

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I hope Garrett goes to jail, to be honest.

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It was sarcasm, if you bothered to read my second post.

And what about Rudolph and Pouncey?