Myles Garrett's reinstatement

6 games for hitting a player with a helmet.
How did the punishment fit the crime?
Too long or too short of a suspension?

How do you guys feel about this?

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I sided a bit with him after the incident due to the shenanigans that the Rudolph pulled on the field (pulling on Myles’ facemask and kicking him in the groin). Maybe “sided with” is too strong. Really, I wanted a bunch of suspensions on that fiasco. The league gave out more games to Myles than I thought they should and not enough to others.

That said, the race card he’s playing right now is suspension-worthy on its own. There are camera angles galore, microphones, teammates and opponents out there. We know the accusation that Myles is lobbing is fabricated. He will forever be Myles Smollett to me.

Shit happens. It is over. Move on. The bigger “MAN” should go to the other, shake hands and say “sorry Bro”. They are both lucky Garrett didn’t kill him.

Listen, I’d appreciate it if people would stop constantly hitting us over the head with this topic.


To be fair, the reinstatement is new news. If you don’t want to comment, fine but I think others would also appreciate it when people stop trying to be the board police on topics. Don’t like it, don’t engage. Simple.

That said, I think the punishment is about right. You don’t want any player thinking if someone calls me a bad name (even IF, which I doubt, it was said) I can potentially kill them by striking them in the unprotected head with a helmet like the hammer of Thor. If this happens on the street, he’s buying his way out of jail and no one goes to jail for saying the N word. This isn’t London. Although, with the knee to the nuts with it… possible hate crime even here… I’ve seen a lot of people get kneed in the balls with nothing but a flag if that. Helmet swung to the bare head however… that’s a first, so that is the why IMHO.

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LOL…well played.

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A very level-headed responds imho!

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I think the NFL screwed this up again. Given chance after chance, they screw up every opportunity to properly handle the discipline in this league. They did right with Cincinnati linebacker penalized time after time. Garrett has been penalized time after time and what he did was a felony. He should not be allowed back on the field ever. In the interest of justice an eight game suspension would at least send a message. It didn’t happen here.

Some might say my post went, ahem…right over your head.


Great response, somebody crown this guy!

You just moved to the “head” of the class!! :crazy_face:

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I hope so, that would be smashing! Ok Im done lol.

Just don’t let your head roll!!

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One of the guys on Freddie and Fitzsimmons talk show made a good point the other night.
What if Mason Rudolph would have sustained a broken jaw and had to be out 8 weeks? MG gets 6 weeks for hitting someone and the recipient is out longer?!?!?
How is that far?

Personally, I think the NFL screwed this up. (Yeah, big surprise there.)

The NFL should have sent a message. MG should have been suspended for no less than one year and anyone else that wants to swing a helmet or any other equipment or foreign object at another player gets a one year suspension.

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How is it different then Vontaze Burflict taking cheap shot after cheap shot. Myles Garrett is a multiple time offender and then this giant felonious gaffe. How do you punish the next guy? Precedent matters. Stupid move by Roger Goodell again.


And I got no love for calling him Myles Smollett?

I guess we’re a punny crowd.

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prolly so.

I wasn’t trying to be the forum police, I just saw a great opportunity for a dad joke and I couldn’t resist.

I think Garret got off rather light with 6 games. slamming your helmet continuously into somebodies head could kill them, could paralyze them for the rest of their lives, could cause incurable health issues, could make the guy he hit %$#@ SNAP and go on a killing rampage.

6 games AND 8 million to the victim of the attack seems right IMO. And the next time Garret decides to attack someone he should permanently be banned from the NFL.

I am sure if I had told the joke, it would’ve been a lot funnier.